My Best Friends Mom

As I posted in "getting caught in pantyhose".  My best friends mom slicked me in her pantyhose when she came back from partying one evening.  She didn't yell at me like I thought she would she just asked my a few questions like why are you wearing my pantyhose and how come.  Do you like wearing pantyhose.  Those sort of questions.  Well as a year went by.  My friends mom kept on wearing her pantyhose and would always be showing off her hosed legs or feet to me when ever I came over to visit her son.  Who by the way is a pantyhose wearer himself.  Well like I said a year had pasted and I was over at my friends house cutting their lawn as he was there to cut it at he was out of town spending sometime at his grandma's.  As I was cutting their lawn I would notice his mom would come out on the back porch and she was wearing some beige pantyhose a white top and matching shorts.  She would sit out on the deck and cross her legs and be gliding her hand up and down her hosed legs and watching me cut her lawn.  All the while I was trying to concentrate on cutting her lawn as she would be sitting there teasing me.  After I was done cutting her lawn I went in to tell her I was done and that I was going to be going now.  As I went in she wasn't in the living room or kitchen area.  I thought maybe she is in the bathroom.  So as I walked down the hallway I noticed the light was on in the bathroom as I could see it under the door.  I thought I might as well as get a pantyhose drawer peek and maybe snag a pair of pantyhose or 2 for myself before I go.  As I went into her bedroom I went right for her pantyhose drawer. I opened it and starting sifting threw her hose being cautious about it.  As I found a dark brown pair of hose I liked I heard her voice say I have your pantyhose on the bed.  I dropped the hose in the drawer and almost dropped a load in my pants.  I closed the drawer and turned around and there she was still wearing what she was that day.  I said I think I should get going.  She said no why don't you stay awhile.  And she walked towards the door and closed it.  I stood there and she said here you liked wearing my pantyhose before so try these on.  They were some dark brown control top pantyhose.  Just like the ones I had in my hand before she startled me.  I took the hose and took my jeans off and my underwear.  I was so shakey and nervouse but excited as well.  I slid the pantyhose on.  As I was doing that she said you do that pretty well almost as good as me.  She giggled as she said this.  I then stood there in front of her in her pantyhose.  She walked towards me and I sat back on the bed not knowing what else to do.  She sat next to me and was gliding her hand up my hosed leg.  She leaned forward and started to kiss me.  I was getting excited and hard in my pantyhose.  I felt her hand up and down my leg.  I then put my hand on her hosed leg and started to caress it.  She then leaned me back on the bed and started kissing me more.  She then undid her white shorts and slid them off and there we were both in out pantyhose.  The feeling was so good as I was feeling her hosed legs on mine.  Hearing our legs rubbing against each other.  We then situated ourselves on her bed and she took her top off.  I was laying on my back and felt her kissing my chest all the way down to my hosed covered ****.  She then pulled it out and started to give me head while she was rubbing my legs.  I tried everything in my power to not *** right then and there.  She quit and came back up and started kissing me again then she layed on her back and I was on top.  I started kissing her **** and making my way down to her hosed covered *****.  As I got there I could smell her.  She smelt good as she had perfume on her hose.  I started kissing her ***** threw her hose then she pulled her hose down so I could get more intimate.  I loved the way she tasted and smelled as she took care of her self down there.  All the while I could hear her moaning and breathing hard.  She grabbed me and pulled me up and she started kissing me again.  She then pulled up her hose and made a hole in them and did the same with mine.  She then grabbed my **** and slid it in her.  She felt so warm and soft in side.  I could have sworn her ***** was wearing pantyhose.  I was thinking in my head I couldn't believe this was happening to me.  I kept hearing her breath heavy into my ear as I was pumping into her and feeling the bottom of her hosed feet sliding back and fourth on the back of my pantyhosed legs.  It felt so good and so sexy.  She would grab my pantyhosed *** and make me start ******* her faster and harder.  Before I knew it she came as it got all wet where we were.  She the told me to *** but on her stomach.  As I was getting ready to *** I pulled out and jacked off on to her stomach.  As I was done I layed back on the bed.  She layed next to me after she wiped off my *** with her shirt.  She layed next to me and was rubbing my legs as I was rubbing hers.  After a bit we both decided I better get dressed and get home before my mom calls and is wondering what is going on or my girlfriend for that matter.  I got up and went into use the bathroom.  After I was done I got dressed she got dressed as well as she just put on some panties a top and some shorts.  She walked me to the door and she gave me the 30 dollars for moving her lawn.  I took the money and left and went home.  When I got home my mom wasn't there so I went up to my room.  As I was changing out of my jeans and checking my pockets to make sure nothing is in them when I wash my clothes I noticed that she put the pantyhose that we had both worn.  One in each of my front pockets.  I took them out and was feeling them and smelled the one she wore that still had her sent.  I put the hose with my other stash in my closet in a trunk that I had in there.  After that I just wanted to relive the whole experience all over again.  She did say she would call and we can do it again sometime and I was hoping sometime will be real soon.

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I am sitting at work reading this ,wearing barely black stw tights under my trousers,and I have got a massive hard on

Jayne xxx

add me please

Oh yes honey that is always the best pantyhose n sex is like peanut butter and jelly. They just go good and make the xperience all much more the greater

You had your best friends Mom while I had my g/f in H S. My wife (Though not a pantyhose fetishist) wears pantyhose when we make love because she knows that I love our hose covered legs rubbing together.

Wearing hose is just incredibly sexy and a awesome sensation. I always leave them on when I make love. The men I am with light up when I rub against them.They always ask that I leave them on.<br />
Nylons put a spell on your partner. The arousal confirms the sexual tension between you, man or woman.<br />
I am a married CD and my wife does not enjoy sex as incredible as that might seem, but she knows that the men I am with have the best lover they will ever have. That is CD me Louise.<br />
A CD thought<br />

well it seemised to me good , please let me Know ,how can i used it

Oh it was a real treat believe me and one of the best i ever had sex wise as older seem to be and know better. It was something i will and still haven't forgotten

OMG! Love it! I wish I could do that to a young man. I know, naughty.

Yes we did but it was a month or so later. Wasn't right away. To this day my best friend who also wears pantyhose never ever found out about my phose sex experience with his mom.

Did you end up doing it again?

I wish my best friend's mom was as sexy as yours. What a woman!!!!