Blue Panties

A few weeks ago I ordered some blue nylon panties. I also ordered some in pink.  The company shipped them very quickly and they arrived quicker than I expected them to.

It was wonderful to see them when they arrived.  Lots of ribbons and tissue paper.  Just like the local lingerie shops in the past.  I just may
have to put in another order, 
jml2000 jml2000
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Hi can you post an image? What makes them vintage? I want the details!
I don't think I have ever gotten any panties with tissue paper wraping what a trill!

Sorry no camera. They were from an older era, the 40's and 50's and the manufacturer is no longer in business. Many of the little lingerie shops do this wrapping for their customers. It is a lovely touch. I remember back in the 60's it was common practice to wrap lingerie purchases in paper and ribbons.

<p>When I recieved an order of panties wrapped in ribbons and tissue like that I felt the same way. What a nice feminine touch. Makes you and your panties feel special. </p><p>Now don't forget to order yourself a matching bra for those panties when you put in your next order.</p>

Hi Nita, Don't I wiah I could find a matching bra at Lady Grace in the size I want. But Playtrx does carry the light blue bra in a smaller cup size at the Leggs outlet store.

Not the same rush as a purchase in the store, you are truly a sissy,
Please buy the next pair in a store and take the risk of being discovered
You will be pleased to find approval at checkout and often a very coy smileQ

I agree with you about the rush of purchaseing in a store but from reading other post by jml2000 I would bet she has made just as many, if not more purchases, in a store as she has on line. I get a rush either way, but the biggest rush for me comes when I get to wear them. It's all good.

Jamie, These are vintage nylon panties and are only available online sweetie. I bet I've purchased 10 times more panties in the store than you. The sales associates really don't care if you are buying them for yourself. in most of the stores.