'forced' To Wear My Mac

I have related elsewhere, that like many people of my generation I wore a plastic raincoat when I was growing up. A couple of months back I was telling my wife, who is not averse to wearing a plastic mac herself, about how I was forced to wear a mac as a child. We got into a conversation about how I began to find it a real pleasure when my mother buttoned the mac up and made sure I was secure from the ravages of the Lancashire tempests - even if it was one of those days when she, or my grandmother would say: "might rain later", or words to that effect and my sisters and I would be promptly mumified for an expedition to the wilds of Manchester, Rochdale or Bury market. There was always something about these towns and plastic raincoats; Bury was a real plastic mac town, everyone seemed to have one. Liverpool on the other hand, was like Manchester, there were not so many macs there. The city was the place of the trench coat and as the 70's matured, the city became the place of the leather trench coat. I digress, the point being that I related being "forced" into my mac to my wife. She told me she rather liked the idea and if I was "up for it", she would do it.
So it has now come to pass (as they say in my line of work), that my wife, from time to time forces me to wear a mac. She selects the mac, as we have several, she then demands that I wear it and then proceeds to fasten me into it. She has even been known to slap me during the prcess to ensure that the mac is suitably done up. A little bit od domnination role play is a good and healthy thing in one's life.
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Being of a similar vintage to your good self, I can fully relate to what you have written. I know those towns well and was dragged round some of them in my plastic mac. Thanks for the memory.