Latex Embarrassment Part 1

When I was in my early teens I had a lovely latex jockstrap made to wear under my swimming trunks which were in the style of boxer shorts and so did not provide any support for my wedding tackle!

I wore the jockstrap on a date I'd made with a delightful innocent young lady and felt so manly strapped up in it when taking her to the local cinema and of course I got seats in the back row.

Being there for a purpose a bit of fondling took place and I was busy playing with her bra straps when I felt her undoing my trouser flies and her hand groping at my ever-hardening member.

"Good heavens, are you wearing rubber pants" she whispered and I had to confess to her with much embarrassment that I was and thought - ' so much for her being young and innocent'.

"You are not incontinent are you" was the next question to which I replied that thankfully I was not.

"In that case" she asked "does that mean I can w*nk you and it won' t make a mess everywhere?"

Without waiting for a reply she fiercely rubbed at the pouch of my bulging jockstrap bringing on the inevitable delightful result and it was fortunate it was so dark that my embarrassment was not obvious to anyone. At the end of the filmshow I took her home very much educated about her 'innocence' and with a messy jockstrap to wash out

FOOTNOTE:-   AT the time of adding this footnote (Jan 4th), this story had been read by 106 people but only 2 had added any comment to it.  I do hope that readers get pleasure out of reading about my activities and it would be encouraging if more would say something, even such remarks as 'disgusting', 'liar', 'I can do that', 'don't believe you' or 'perverted old wa*nke*r would suffice and would impel me to greater in future.   PLEASE !!!
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I also remember a cousin introducing me to rubber. I now love to wear tight fitting black rubber as often as possible. What is fun is to wear a tight fitting black catsuit under your clothing and go out for an evening of bar hopping. Once a guy picked me up and we went out to his car and was he surprised when his hand undid my zipper to find rubber underneath. His hands immediately went up under my shirt and began to stroke my chest and finally unzipping the crotch and stroking my **** before finishing the job with his mouth. Quite a night and not out last....

Great story!

I have not been 'caught' is that sort of embarrasing situation, but I have been w#*ked in rubber pants with partner just wanting to see how I reacted, she was not dissappointed and neither was I, it was fantastic and have done it many times since

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant ! What a terrific story, wish I had the courage to wear rubber on a date at that age.

sounds real fun
I used to go with my girl and watch horny movies and she would **** me off whilst i was wearing my rubber shorts

I guess that all of us latex lovers have fun with any type of rubber garmet. I started with the Playtex@ girdle and baby pants and have over the years progressed to having all kiinds of rubber clothing. The latest and most fun is to put on a latex pair of pants with a ball and sheath attached and play or even better is to put on a urinal sheath with a bag attached and you can wear this all day long and play when ever you wish and also relieve yourself with out having to get up every couple of hours. Have fun latex1937

laytex 1937 by wany chance since u like latex water sports do u like plactic diapers too