Love Maxi Pads

when i am sooo horny i like to use a thick long pad with tight panties so it rubs against my vagina........then i rub and masturabte with my pad. i luv wearing them when i feel horny and the bigger the bulge the better, i even went to work wearing 2 and my husband never found out. What is the best thickest maxi pad?

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Mmmm a wonderful story !!

The best used to be the Classic Stayfree Super Long. They were not individually wrapped
and straight as a board out of the pack, but rounded on the ends. I agree with the Kotex Overnights. If you like more, double up, but I like one, and they cover length and width wise perfectly. I too ********** with maxi pads- - -exclusively ;)

I used to fantasize about this especially , women wearing a dress or skirt and the pad quite visible , if it was the older looped version from my childhood the blue line ( supposed to be worn away from the body - it's the side that does not absorb) . The sight or rather the memory (these days ) of that sight gets my old fella stirring! Then at times a painful stiffie!!

just a note to anyone checking out girdles galores website. they seem to have been out of stock of both the pads and belts now for some time and no one seems to know when or if nthey plan to re stock. ebay maybe your best bet. of the type you stick to panties then kotex overnights are good but i much prefer to go find specialist maternity size ones, i guarantee they make kotex overnights look like a handkerchief

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Girdles galore sells the belts and 11" pad. Nice big bulge says you have big female equipment.

I knew a woman who wore pads all the time.She told me that she could just shirt her *** back and fort a little and it would massage her clitty.

I Have found that Stayfree Maximum protections seem to be the longest and widest pad. I preferr Kotex Overnights myself

Reading your story I also wear a sanitary napkin. Your story makes me so hot that I changed to a thicker one. The thickest I had available. I would be very happy if my wife also would wear the thickest sanitary napkins everywhere. How could I tell her?

I like your story because, you don't go all the way...<br />
It leaves a lot to the imagination.

ooooooooooooohhhhhhh getting so horny feeling my period coming