I Am Male .but Still My Parents Allow Me To Wear Sarees

I am sumesh from Maharashtra. I am being brought up by my maternal uncle and aunt who don't have children. My aunt is so caring. And i always has gratitude towards her. She always wished she could have a baby girl which she had after two years. She wanted to raise her traditionally but the girl was never supposed to listen.Even i was a bit modern . I used to have a long hair and also pierved both my ears for a long time. Aunt never opposed it.

Four years back when i was 18-19, one evening she got a huge anklet pair which was very heavy. She told that it was given by her mother who wanted it to be worn by her daughter and grands so on. So she called Madhu(my sister) and offered her to wear them. And also took out a pair of old styled jhumkies to be worn by madhu. She said there is a nose ring which i wolud give you once your nose piercing is over. But to her surprise Mdhu rejjected them and said she won 't like that kind of stuff .

Aunt was very upset. She cried a lot remembering her mother that night. I felt bad and decided to give consolation. I slowly went to her and told that i would wear that payal around my feet and would carry it to further generations. She said nu sumi u can't wear it forever..you are male. I said i won't mind it. She just got up and kissed my forehead. And called my sister and told her about this.I told give me the payal ..i will wear that. Then aunt said no no no it needs a custom and some rituals.

Next day she called me into the hall and said sumi you need to wear traditionsl blouse and skirt with silk border to wear the payal for the first time.. Are you ready? I said ok. then she called her tailor and asked him to take my measurements for skirt and blouse.

After a week we got my female dresses and my aunt applied henna on my hands and feet during night and applied some mixtures on my hair.
She said tomorrow morning you will wear the payal and earrings of my mother. She invited some neighbors and relatives for the ceremony.

Next day Early morning she asked me to take a clean bath and asked me to remove all the hair except on head. After coming out she gave me the newly stitched skirt and asked to wear it. i went in came out wearing it. She then helped me wear a bra she baught for me and made me wear the blouse with silk border.She then made plaits on my hair and inserted some jasmine flowers into that.And attached a maang tikka on my head.Also tied a beautiful necklace around my neck and applied a fake nose stud on my left nose trill.

Slowly 10-15 people gathered and all made me wear one or two bangles each. Suddenly my hands got filled up with bangles.Then aunt performed some rituals on me.  and asked madhu to bring the jewelery box and got the payal and tied them around my feet. I just loved the weight around my feet.that payal had many bells.  Now aunt said sumi..just have a walk. I started walking and tears came out of her eyes out of joy that the legacy is continued. 

She then removed my earstuds and inseted the big jhumkis of her mother and handed me a mirror to look into. They were very cute and i loved the sense of the weight in the ears. Madhu was watching all this with a careless look. then aunt emotionally said today onwards you are my elder daughter. And she came near to me and kissed my forehead and she  said Sumi... please wear these payal and jhumki all times except when you feel shy to go in public(college...etc)..

Every day as soon as i return home i wear those payal and jhumkis....Where as my uncle always scold me for this..my aunt would say he is my daughter don't scold him.

I slowly started liking the jeweleries and female dresses. Everyday i would die to wait to change into my payal.. And slowly oneday i asked my aunt shall i wear the dress i wore on that day.. She asked are u sure sumi? I said yes. And also said i would like to wear the nosering also if you permit.

She replied sumi that nose ring can't worn unless our nose is pierced. How can you wear it? I said then why not pierce it.  She asked "why sumi?"
I replied now i have started liking all these things and i know that you are also worried about that nose ring.    then she said Sumi...it is ok...

but wearing a nose ring and payal and jhumki with pant and shirt will look odd...And said leave it..

Even i was disappointed but felt happy that i yet have the payal and jhumki to enjoy.

During the summer vacation oneday aunt said Sumi let's go for shopping i have to buy something and lets buy somer t shirts for you. We started and first we entered into boy's section and bought some T shirts. And later went into the female section. Aunt started asking for half sarees and i was confused because Madhu does't like them. She asked for my choices and i opted for three different colors. She handed them over to me said Sumi this is for you. Then she selected some sarees for me.Shopkeepers were stunned to see me trying the sarees arround my body. Once got home next day aunt called our tailor and ordered for the blouses for me. Once the blouse was ready she made me wear a half saree and took me out to a jewelery shop. She went in and spoke to somebody. I was waiting out and in a few minutes i got a call from inside. Inside i saw an old man along with my aunt . They made me sit in a chair. The old man asked me which side? I looked at my aunt. Aunt just showed her with her finger..I was surprised and aunt hinted at right side. The old man pierced my right nose trill and inserted a g olden wire insided that askedme not to remove it for 15 days and then wear whatever you wish. I was supposed to getup ..aunt said wait Sumi... You got to have some more piercings on your ear. I was happy to hear that. And got three more on each ear.

Now wearing a saree and jewelery is most common thing for me. sometimes i go out in female attire if aunt is with me. My normal is as usual but as soon as i get free time i move to female dresses.... Uncle never encourages but has adjusted with it.
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Hi sumesh really u r lucky. I am interested to cross dress myself secretly.

very lucky

you are very lucky

Luv ur story.ur very lucky that u have so great aunt.i like to be in ur place nd pirece my nose ,ear and wear a saree and live like a woman

great story

sumesh i became very happy andfeelingveryfeministic my slf god mus give me aunty like u iam maharastian i like ur story verymuch god luck

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wow very nice !!


Nice, dear!

ur male r female

That is an interesting experience..Happy that your aunt allows yo to wear the woman's garments and even the jewellery. Enjoy the fenine side in you and live the life as well as you can..

To the above two, if you people are that conscious about time wasting, you shouldn't be browsing these forums and giving doing moral policing. Both of you are wasting your time and disturbing others. People share these because they have real experiences, real pleasure and real happiness from doing what they want to. Human's ultimate goal is not to attain the highest education or get the best job, it is to enjoy their lives. Let people do simply what they wish to (of course anything other than violence and things harmful to others). The best part about EP is this, we can share lovely experiences without causing harm nd irritation to anyone else. So if you guys think this is wasteful please find a better job yourselves

alll these things are waste and fake stories...

I wish i had such a mother

well done i would love to wear a sari but i know no one who could show me how to wear one, i have my ears pierced twice in each also my belly button is pierced i wear girls clothes full time but just western ones skirts or dresses but i think it would be great to be able to wear a sari as they look great you are very lucky in having some one to help you.<br />
<br />
regards paulie

Hi I am also an transgender. Pls accept my friend request. Share ur feeling pls.

Yes i also wear saree and wear ornament but privAtely of course.

i pierced my nostrils and ears.

Interesting to knoe Payal, do u wear nose ring as well..

Where do u live sumesh?<br /><br />
i m also of ur kind<br /><br />
i also love to wear sarees and all other women's stuff<br /><br />
but my parents dont know this thing<br /><br />
infact i m xpert in tying a saree around my body<br /><br />
i love that feeling<br /><br />
i want to meet u and ur aunt

Alas, I got one such aunty - nice story

Hi Sumesh,<br />
<br />
I read your story & I am very much happy that you are allowed to wear saree from your parents. And when I came to know that u got pierced your nostil & ears I felt very happy.<br />
As of me I have pierced my ears long back, recently my wife suggested me to go for nostril piercing for which I was surprised & kept mum. Few days later again she reminded for piercing the nose & I could not say no. Then in the evening she took me to a gold smith and told him to pierce my nose on both side and gave him 2 studds with 3 drops. Again I was surprised and could not react for that because few ladies were observing us. With no other option I sat mum. After few minutes he came with the needle & pierced my left nose ,from inside he pushed the screw & that came outside and screwed in the front partof the ornament ,this process took around 3 - 4 minutes. In this piercing I felt the pain a lot even I shouted for few minutes later the pain was reduced. Then I told my wife to move from that shop. <br />
But my wife told that right side also is to be pierced .Then again i kept mum. After few minutes the piercer put a mark on the right side of the nose and showed to my wife whether it correct, then my wife cheked both the side and said ok. Then the same process was repeated and my both nostrils got pierced with studs + 3drops in each. After that they gave me a mirror to see the piercing , when I saw it I felt very much shy & felt happy as it was so cute on my nose. After some time the piercer put a drop of kerosene the reduce the pain. All these process was observed by the 3 lady customers who were present in the shop and laughing. For this I felt very much shy & covered by piercings for some time. Then my wife told why u get shy after all it is our body we have as per your wish you have pierced the nose. After some time & we paid Rs.100 for the 2<br />
piercing & left the place. <br />
For few days the piercing was little bit paining & i was applying kerosene, within 20 days it got completely healed. For few days I was feeling very very much shy to go out. Later it got adjusted with my life style .I got this piercing 2 years 10 months back till day I have not removed from my nose & will never remove it. For your info. my wife also got pierced her both nostrils 5 years back and she is also wearing it till day. Now I am very much happy with this piercings. <br />

hai dear very nice, i like to wear sarees too.but i dont have photos, next time i will attch my photos. you are looking so nice

I wish i had such an aunt/mother.

Wonderful experience....So you are wearing the nosering now. What about the holes in ears and nose? Are not they visible? how are you handling it in college?