Now I Wear A Saree Freely At Home

I had long term fetish to wear sarees and all other indian woman ornaments. Before my marriage i pierced my ears and wore studs into them. It was acceptable for all. I always tried to find ways to wear saree.

Two years back i got married. My wife is really caring. I used to wear her clothes and earrings whenever i get lone time secretly. I always maintained a big hair so that i can make a pony tail as soon as i get lone time. I collected many feminine things like imitation jewelery like necklace sets and huge jhumkis, Heavy payal that makes lots of sound and bangles of different colors.I even stitched some blouses that match my wife's sarees with an unknown tailor in an remote area. I use to wear all these when my wife is not around. I think once or twise she got a doubt on me by observing my earring hole size which got a little stretched due to heavy earrings i used to wear in her absence. I always dreamed if i could tell all these to my wife....

Once my mother in law came to stay with us for a few days. During this period my wife had to attend her friend's marriasge for two days. She left for it and i immediately sensed the chance and decided to spend all the time home in my room rather that in our bed room. My mother in law would sleep in her bed room. During the second night i wore all the jewelery and a nighty of my wife and big payal in my feet. Since i was in my room i had to come out to move to bathroom. I just came out casually and got into the bathroom. But what i did't notice was my MIL was in the kitchen to have some water. As soon as i came out of bathroom she switched the lights on on hearing the anklet bell sound from my feet. I was shocked to see her. She was also shocked to see me with a pony tail and in nighty with big earrings that chained into the hair. She looked at my anklets. I was trying hard to hide my 18 bangles i wore in hand. We looked at each other for some time with absolute silence. Then she moved from there and i jumped into my room and removed everything and become natural. I could't sleep  that night. Then i went to her and promised that i will not do it again. She was silent....... And i moved on..

Next day my wife came in and it was very hard staying home and i moved to office early. and came late. This would happen every day. And as my birthday was nearing my wife and MIL went to buy something for me.

After two weeks on my the morning both came to me and wished me and presented me with their respective gifts. I was surprised to see the gifts.  As i opened up my wife's gift i was shocked to see a cream colored saree with red border and a matching blouse of my size and petticote. And my mother inlaw gifted me matching necklace and big ear jewelery.., bangles, A cute nose jewel was also there which would adorn a non pierced nose. Then i looked at them with guilt and surprise......

Then my wife kissed me and narrated what has happened.....She said  " i had my doubts earlier and oneday when i was passing by your room i just saw you watching your own photo in saree... And once my mother told me the night incidence i checked your computer which had so many photos of you in my sarees. To be frank you were so cute in them. And also collected a blouse from your room for measurement. We both discussed it and decided that we will support you..after all what's wrong in this ..... infact i am proud that my husband is versatile and unique. So get ready for the evening dinner and we will move to a restaurant with you wearing a saree. If people can't recognise you then ok...Otherwise let them feel whatever they want to"...I felt very happy.

Then she asked me shave cleanly including the eyebrows and applied a lot of makeup on my face. She created new feminine eyebrows with a pencil kind of thing. Then adorned my hair with a bouncy hair style. Then i wore the saree and other ornaments including the nosering(i liked it the most).
We went to hotel in outskirts and to my surprise nobody recignised i do dress freely in sarees and chudidar as soon as i get part time and my wife supports it.....
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add mu to ur circle

i also hv fettish for this , but i could not tell it to my wife

U r lucky

hai avinash iam zubi new friend

It is good that ur wife supports u

How strange Looking as my story except MIL. My wife doubt why nostril hole not fill up. Because i wear Nathni whole night after her sleep. Once she caught me in cross dresses. firstly she angered and then she allowed me but she told do it urself. Once I bought bridal nathni and asked her to put it on my nostril she hardly put it on and shivering told to tag in.
Ur story looking fact not fiction is attractive and good. i like it. Ur Nathni looking big then mine. Love u.

i wesh my wife eksept my crossdressers your so laky

I am a lady of 24 yrs of age. I got married to a software engineer.
I like to wear saree and skirt blouse, not only i all lady like to wear.
and all male wear short paint in out of home and lungi at home.
There will be some change to have a colorful life, else u can't enjoy Ur life.
I started asking my husband like which saree/ blouse / bra u like please tell me every day and i l wear those.
and i select his dress everyday what he wear for office and at home.
u think how much we are cooperative to each other and enjoy our self.

one day he told me wear his male dress and this is my selection for today, if u don't keep my selection then i l think u really dont like my selection. only asking for formality.
I thought, if he is telling me like this, then why i l not. i asked him if u l accept my selection then i l also. he said yes its our regular process.
I went to my room and selected one fancy saree with matching blouse. came out within a cover and handed over to him. Told this is my final selection for the day.
that was satday.

He told yes, opened that cover and got shocked. he told what is this? better we l exchange our selection. then i told ok fine. then this is our new rule. we l exchane our selection from monday onwards also. he told u tell me is it possible to wear ur saree and go to ofc...? i told if its not fine then why u r changing the rule..?

Finally he agreed to wear my selected saree/ blouse / bra. I helped him to dress as a lady and thought him how to wear bra and saree. i took his dress. paint was lose but i managed by belt. we both jointly worked at home coocked also and enjoyed a lot for 2 weekends.
from next weekend onwards we choose this opposite sex dress for each other and we enjoy a lot. some times i chose my long frock / salwar kamiz / nighty / skirt blouse for him. I use some nylon cotton for his artificial breast. some times I only tell him to be with bra-panty only and some times in bra/blouse/ paticoat only without saree.
we do act as opposite rule also. even in bed also.

you can try this and tell ur feelings over here....

lovely story i like it.

you r lucky i wish i will as u


i also want to wear a sare nd girls dresses and can u help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

i want you di you wear girl dress. i want marry di

hi this is sanjay 27 year old male ilove to wear saree

Hi This Is Sanjana.<br />
I Told My Story.<br />
Before Sanjay now Sanjana.<br />
I Like So Much Cross/dressing. Because I Wear Only Females Cloths.<br />
I Remember When I Was In 11 Year Old That Time I got Summer Holliday For School. I Have Many Friends In That Area we are play the game & enjoy our self . one day we are all went to my friend home & play the game. My friend have is elder sister she is completed in +2 and stay with home. Then she ask I’m also in ur game ? we are say OK. She said one small change our game. We are ask what’s that ? she said who loose the game is stay 1 hour with my dress. We say ok. (because that time we don’t know anything ) then start the game. 1st day my 3 friends loose the game & they all stay with her dress. Next day I loose the game & she dressed me. I don’t know that time what’s in my mind. I enjoyed that moment very happy. Other next day I loose the game.( U know how) it myself! & she said remove ur cloths & wear my salwar I was reject her offer. She forced & remove my shirt. Then she was shocked because I wear already my mom blouse inside my shirt. After some time she smiled& asked me r u wear saree ? I said yes & one condition. She said what? I said not for 1 hour I want to wear hole day. She said ok and see my mom’s blouse it is un fit my body. She took her school time drama’s blouse it is perfect fit my size. And she draped saree & some make up like bangles payal bindi some her attire. We both came out her home. My friends are laughed but I feel myself like lady on that saree . & passed day. She said remove my saree go to ur home I remove the saree she asked me why wear ur mom’s blouse ? I don’t know ! finally she said come to my home when u like girl. I go to her home some time. After summer school was start. After 8 month she got marriage & out of my area. That day I felt sad. when10th std completed I jumped my ancule home. My ancule & aunt was working in soft wear company. They two spend more then 18 hours out side home. That 6 years was I enjoyed myself like young girl. Newly married girl &30 year old lady also be cause my aunt was use only few cloths. But I used her cloths all most all. one thing I tell u my aunt & my body is all most same. Im not think that 6year un comfortable fell one min. My study completed in b’tec engineering. & I got a good job other city. When I was entered office im full happy because there worked many young girls & women. After few weeks I got 4 friend & 1 best friend. They are young girls & stay with one room. We are 2 close friend. (u know how much we close ? ) I commented openly her dressing. One day she came office with my favorite colour black saree black transparent blouse & bra also black. I went to her near ask any special today ? she said my birth day. I wished him and commented her dress ur black saree was awesome ur transparent blouse super ur bra was looking good. She said just stop dear. Then I go to my work. Eveng we go to shopping and I gifted her to black chuddy daar then we go to hotel for dinner after I said bye. that time she come to my near and asked me u like my cloths ? I just smiled. Then she ask me when ur birth day ? I said after 2 months. And we move there. One Sunday she called me her room. When I reached her room there wait one unknown lady she’s tailor. And my friend said him take a measurement. I asked my friend to what is this ? she said after 2 weeks ur birthday na that’ why. Then I moved to my room. Today is my birth day. She call me her room. I go to her room they five girls wished me. And gave me juice glass I drunk it. After few min I don’t know what’s going there I abnormal. After few hour im not study but woke up. They all girl laugh loudly and again wished me happy birth day sanjana. Im shocked and asked him why r u calling me sanjana? They all said just see Ur full body. I look at my body im shocked because im wearing my friend black saree transparent black blouse and black bra my perfect size. And matching attire like necklace bangles earring heavy payal length hair wig bindi I remember that time my childhood saree hobby and feel myself perfect girl. I suddnlely go to her bath room she all think I un dress saree in bath room but I checked my petticoat and pantie that is also black. Then I out in bath room asked him why u dressed me in black cloths? She said that day u like my cloths na. And they all said stay with me today in saree plz. I agreed her offer. We are all like 6 girls in that room. Next day morning I woke up and search my pant shirt that room that time they are all came there my near . I asked him to give me my cloths .one girl gave me one box. I opened it and see that box. Im full happy because I got in the box 3 bra panties & 7 transparent blouses with my size. Then they all said wear this bra panties & blouse daily in ur shirt and pant. I said it’s not possible to wear. She asked me why? I said im in boy’s room & I wear an only half sleeve shirt that’s why. She said don’t worry just see that blouses. I see the blouses sleeveless they all said stay with my room permanently. I agreed her offer. I wear daily bra pantie blouse & payal in my cloths at working time . When im in home I wear my best friend bra pantie blouse saree nighty salwar chuddy daar &all female orrainments. One day I & my best friend married with simply s’he tie on mangle sutra on my neck & feet finger ring also. Now I got a new job my manager is lady is understood my feelings. now im wearing female clothes. & I am enjoying myself like perfect women sanjana! We facing one problem I don’t know it is major/ minor I have penis and s’he have virgin <br />
Tell me ur suggestions plz.

It is a nice experience...I am sure that you are now enjoying the cross dressing freely as your wife supports it ..Enjoy the bliss of an understanding wife..

nice storey can possible

wow what a nice story, so wonderful your wife and mother in law are so understanding, I wish you and your all happiness.<br />
<br />

i wish i could do that too

Fine. Whether yours is story or true. In my case, it is true. My wife took me to movies in saree and blouse. But, when I moved with my wife as woman, there should not be much makeup. Only simple, so that no body pays much attention on me. But it is a very thrilling experience, going outside as a woman. I also stayed 3 days as lady in Tirupati. have darshan of Lord Balaji and visited all other temples in different lady dresses along with my wife.

realy is it true

lovely now you continue to wear sarees at home .

same with me

hi payal

Wow what a story i very very much liked it. It is a fantastic story i read so far. First part of the story seems like my story i do the same things when alone at home. Even from few days yesterday also i sleep wearing bra and blouse in my room. I wish to have my nose and ear pierced and have long hair like girls i have an earnest desire to have my own long hair up to my back. I also like bangles that to i wear every night for few hours. The only thing i cant use is payal and nail polish because it is hard to remove nail polish immediatly if someone come and for payal ther is no extra payal in our home and i can't give reason if they found extra which i buy for my self. Oneday i found a payal from home and that day i went to office wearing bra under my clothes and wore payal and hide it under my pant. It was bell less payal. I wear bra to have feeling like girl on chest. Saree is my favourate dress and i not escape a chance to wear it. I am anita and i want to become girl.

great u wear bra in ofice

May be this aall be only story. but fact is that all men like famininesation, even the teenegers express it in joke and fun but even they feel satisfaction in wearing hard to bear stuff like saree blouse.<br />
hijras are theproof of it because when anybody surpasses the fear of society and family then he attempt to do crossdressing causing hijra.<br />
this is the first crushh like in teenage life which i think even older people like and want to see. most as it express their feelings.

Its soooo true. crossdressing is something that if you don't dare to try or are forced to try, you will never appreciate it but once you know all about wearing a saree, blouse, petticoat and lingerie, you know a woman's touch is all about delicateness, softness, tenderness and love. No matter how manly you are, you would be the happiest if you can live life on both sides and get the best of both of them


hello nice dear, i like to wear saree,blouse and bra. if iam alone i want to become female.i like to wear bangles. ear rings, neclace, i have long hairs wig. and also i like that time i will be in very tension...

Goodstory,<br />
I like to wear Silksarees,Petticoat,Blouses,bra And Silk Full Skirts.

I like to wear saree ,bangles ,earring ,etc.,<br /><br />
Anybody in tamilnadu to help me means <br /><br />
Please answer<br /><br />
To my mail id<br /><br />

I like to wear saree ,bangles ,earring ,etc.,<br /><br />
Anybody in tamilnadu to help me means <br /><br />
Please answer<br /><br />
To my mail id<br /><br />