My Ex-colleague Enjoyed Me

Love you..I was @ Home and Neha walked in..I was decently dressed up for the evening..She asked me to prepare some snacks as one of her friend is coming..I was wearing a blouse with good cleavage..She walked in..she was my ex-colleague who i hired when i was a BPO manager..I was her boss..they both chatted..Neha called me to serve some drinks..when i saw her she was my ex collegue..she was not great and i used to reject her..and she is aware of that..she did not recognize me....but bad mouth i introduced myself..She enquired abt me and started talking to Neha..I was sent inside to fetch some more drinks...when i came back, neha asked me to sit with her and frnd asked me how it all happened..meanwhile Neha brought a streak of jasmine flowers..without heistation my frnd kept it on my hair..and she ledme to the car park..
Neha asked me to get inside her car ..My frind took me to her house and asked me to remove the saree..switch on the AC..With just a blouse and inskirt, i served her drinks..her eyes peeped into my boobs..after three rounds..she pulled me to her side, removed my hooks and my boobs was in her hands..she mucnhed it..topless, i was serving her fouthr round..she untied my inskirt and removed it...i was naked ..she took me to the bed room..removed her T shirt and jeans...and jsut ****** me..i lost control...i was with her for couple of days tilll neha came back and picked me up. when i saw her it was difficult for me but .before
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add me

Who fcuked whom

nice sis plz help me i dont have this exprience

Your ex-colleague enjoyed you, very nice. Did she play the male role? Did you feel like a real woman? Did she treat you as a woman? Did she behave like a man? Please write everything.