Madhu - Indian Cross-dresser In Saree

Adventures of an Indian Crossdresser

(Story submitted by one of our loyal readers)

My name is Madhu and I have finished my graduation in, from missionary college. I being orphan completed my education by staying in hostel which is run by Christian group. So as per the rules of the church after completing the graduation one has to move out to of the hostel and start looking for job and then help the hostel by contributing the some amount of income. So I moved from my town to the Garden city called Bangalore.

Let me explain how I look. I am lean and wheatish in complexion. I am around 5.3 to 5.4 in height and my waist size is about 29 to 30. I do not have any moustache and I have very less hair on my face. I rarely do the shaving probably about once in 6 to 8 months and that too just a scissor cut. I do have hair on my legs, but very less hair on my hands. I have hair below my shoulders. But I always use to comb perfectly like good student. I do not know the reasons for this . I am just born like this.

I was lucky to get one job in the city. I am getting about Rs.9,000 as monthly income and able to take care of myself and able to save good amount of money over a period of one year. I started living in a small rented single BHK room in the first floor. Normally that house is suitable for shops but due to some reasons no body occupied from past 2 years. House owner stays in Chennai, he comes once in 6 months and the rent need to be given at the barber shop which is in the ground floor.

After one year, I was forced to look out for job as the company has been closed and they have given me 3 months salary extra. I have visited all the consultants and companies, but nothing worked out. I have already finished 15 days, still I could not get any job. So on one fine Sunday morning, I took the times of India classified paper and started looking for all the accounting jobs available in the city. I have figured out 5 opportunities and in that 3 are for only females. So I am left with only 2 jobs.

So immediately on the Monday, I visited their offices and gave my resumes. As usual, they have taken my resumes and nothing has happened. So again I came back to my room and started looking at the news paper if I have missed anything. I have found nothing apart from those jobs where they require female accountants. In one of the classified they have mentioned the phone
number. So I have taken the phone number and went down call from the phone booth which is managed by the barber as I could afford to call from my mobile phone as I use only during emergency/ or when needed.

So I took the news paper and tried calling at the number, the phone was engaged. So I am just sitting in the barber shop to call that number again after 10 mins. So now the barber is asking me about the status on my job search. I told him, I have not got anything yet. Here there is one opportunity, though it is not suitable for me I am just trying to give a shot at this. He took the newspaper and understood why it is not fit for me. He gave a smile at me and wished all the best.

I tried calling the number again, and this time it is ringing. The lady has lifted the phone and I starting telling that I am looking for job, and the lady immediately responded saying kindly look at the requirements, we need only female accountant not the male and kept the phone. I was still speaking, but heard some beep sounds which means she cut the call. I was very much disappointed and just thinking what to do. Now barber asked me to come inside and he took me to their storeroom and asked me how desperate I am to get the job. I said I am very much desperate. I have saving for the next 2 more months, after that I will be on roads without anything.

He looked at me seriously and said “ I have a solution for this”. I said, what?
I can make you like a girl as I do the make up and acting during my free times and a and I can also teach you how to talk and how to behave like a female. But I can only guarantee these things, cracking a job is your headache. And once you get the job, you should make one month salary which you can pay in 3 months time.

He ordered for tea and asked me to think on this. After 10 mins, I said, let me see if they have any openings for females and if yes I can accept the proposal. He agreed and took the number from me and dialed that number. Barber (His name is Ravi..will be referred with name going forward) surprisingly stared speaking in a female voice as “ Hello ma’m, I am Madhu, based on your advertisement I want to attend for an interview for the post of accountant..kindly let me know if the position is open or not”

The lady responded, the position is still open and asked to visit the office on Friday at 3.00 PM. I was very much surprised and now I have 4 days to become female and get perfection as female. Ravi asked me again so are you sure for this job..i said yes. So Ravi decided and said he will come to my room at 8.00 PM tonight after closing the shop. As said, he came up at 8.00PM and cleaned my entire body and asked me not to go out till Thursday evening and asked me not to wear any male clothes from today. He cleaned my entire body (including the private hairs) and took the body measurement. And he cut my hair very neatly so that I can look like a female.

I told him I do not have any female dresses. He went out and brought three petticoats (blue, black and white) and two nighties (blue and black). He asked me to wear the blue colour petticoat from head and tie the knot at my waist.I took the blue nighty. After removing my body hair, my skin started glowing and soft touch of petticoat and nighty really making me feel very nervous and manlyhood got erected. Ravi started laughing at me and asked me control the emotions.

After 10 mins, he showed me how to walk and how to keep the hands while talking and walking. He told me he will teach me about speaking tomorrow and took 3,000 rupees for clothes purchase. So entire night I was practicing about walking and concentrating on movement of hips and hands. But the petticoat is really stopping from walking normally and slowly I started walking like a female. So next day Ravi came home at 11.00 (which is usually no customers at his shop) and surprised the way I am walking and moving my hands. I was wearing black nighty and white petticoat.

Immediately he said always wear matching petticoat always to the maximum extent. This time he brought some of the old chudidars which are used by his sisters. He asked me to remove my dress and starting working on my breast forms. He brought silicon breast which has adhesive. He kept them at my chest and It was very thrilling and he gave me one strange trunk which looked like
underwear. It was amazing. It is very much like the skin. After wearing I understood, it created artificial vagina and my penis goes in the secret pocket in that. It also created some kind of cushion on my hips and my hips became little wider. He asked me to remove these both silicon breasts and trunk after 10 hours and apply talcum powder.

He asked me not to wear any male underwear and gave me panty to wear. Touch of Panty is very soft and wore white petticoat. He gave me bra and showed me how to wear bra. He gave me one blue blouse and blue colour saree. After wearing blouse, Ravi started draping saree over me . It took almost 30 mins to wear saree. He adjusted my hair and applied made little make up on my face.

I could not believe that I look so good in female dress. He made me to walk for some time and though it is very difficult, I was able to manage walking and as I am wearing special skin below the panty, my manlihood can not be identified at all. Ravi started giving tips on talking and I practiced entire night and
entire night I was practicing on wearing saree. After 10.00 PM, I removed my saree and all the items and felt very tired and slept.

Got up at around 7.00 AM and suggested by Ravi, applied turmeric all over the body during the bath and after bath applied talcum powder fixed breast over my chest and wore the special vagina trunk. I thought of wearing the chudidar, but again felt let me see how far I am good in wearing the saree. After couple of attempts, I was able to wear saree and did little make up as guided by Ravi.

I started working on preparing talking about myself as a step to prepare myself as female candidate in the interview. As my name is Madhu, it is not difficult to show my certificates as name Madhu can be both males and females. Ravi came to room at 10.30 AM and was surprised to see me in saree. I completely started talking to him in female voice and gave me cup of coffee.

He told me I am looking perfect and started adjusting my pallu and made some small changes. He told me he will come along with his sister in the evening so that you can buy some clothes. I have decided If I am able to convince his sister, I am sure that I can get the job as I am confided on my accounting skill

So Ravi and his sister Geeta came to my room at 6.30 PM and we all went to buy some clothes. I was still in saree and this is first time I will be going out as changed Madhu. I bought about 2 dresses and two sarees and couple of petticoats and other items like bindi’s, bangles etc.,.

Geeta became very friendly and she could not identify me as a male. I was so happy. And the Friday came and started to feel confident and I wore the new saree, though I did not had the matching blouse, but still I have confident that I can get the job. So I went to the company at 2.30 PM and started waiting for my turn. There were already 4 more candidates waiting for their turn.

My turn came at around 3.30 PM. The lady who is interviewing the is the head of the company. It is a garment factory. Her name is Rekha Krishna. She is looking very dominative and she is wearing green colour cotton saree. She asked me various questions and answered all the questions in a confident manner. She was very much satisfied and felt sorry when I said I do not have parents or anybody.

Rekha started asking me what is the amount of compensation I am looking for. I have no answer, and gave the standard answer which is “as per company norms”. She responded saying typical ladies response.
She has written something on my resume and asked me to wait a the reception.

Out of four candidates apart from me and there is another lady who has been asked to wait. So at 5.30 PM, HR manager asked me to come in and complimented me that I have done very well in the interview and asked me how much I am looking at the salary component.

I have not mentioned anything, because anything above what I was getting would be good for me. She has asked me many questions like hobbies, friends etc., and asked me wait. The other lady went and came back after 10 mins and she was asked to leave. Then I got confident that I got the job. As expected, HR manager and Rekha madam called me inside and offered the job with a monthly salary of Rs18,000 for a period of 6 months during the probation period and after 6 months if I prove my self I will be getting the Rs.25,000.

Everything neatly mentioned in the offer letter. I have never seen myself such a big amount in my life. I could not control myself and my eyes became wet. Rekha understood my situation and asked me take water and wished me all the best and asked me to join the office from Monday.

I was very much happy and Immediately called Ravi and thanked for all the help. Ravi felt very happy and told him I will pay Rs20,000 in the next 6 months, though this is very high amount, but I do not want to forget the help he has made to me. So immediately at around 8.00 PM after reaching home, I have given my blouse pieces for stiching and asked them to give by Sunday, though it was very difficult, I convinced them to give me .

Ravi came home at around 9.30PM and I immediately hugged him and thanked him for all the help. I served him coffee and after serving coffee, I thought of changing my dress, so I removed my saree and and took the nightly in a typical lady style. Ravi laughed at me and asked a question which is like 1000watt shocker. He asked me for how many days I am going to continue like this. I was completely shocked and I had no idea as to how to answer this situation. I was dumb stuck and stood like that.

He asked me to wear the nighty and seen the bangles on my hand. He took my hand and said,” see I just wanted to help you and you be clear what you want to be. I do not want to force your thinking, but be clear what you want, whether you want be male or female” It was like a real shocker, as I do not have answer. So as expected I took the stitched blouses from tailor and ensured they are correct size. I was in office on Monday as per the official time which is at 9.30 AM. I took the all the responsibilities and started delivering as per the expectations.

Within no time 6 months probation period completed and I started getting the revised salary and in the mean time I have also paid agreed amount to Ravi. Life is going on very smooth and started from inside that I am female and there are no clothes of male Ravi in my room and luckily nobody got a doubt about

Life is going on as usual and I became perfect in wearing all kinds of dresses and I started going to beauty parlor regularly to make my eyebrows in proper shape and removing my body hair on regular basis. And now my hair also grown to large extent and my behavior and walking completely changed to girl. One day when I was in office, everybody gathered in cafeteria and I got a call from Rekha. I got very scared as to what is the reason for the calling. When I went there I could not believe that today was my birthday and all the staff members arranged birthday cake for me.

After cutting the cake, Rekha madam gave me very good green color saree and asked me to wear it in the evening and asked me come for dinner to her house. I came back home early at 4.00 PM and started preparing myself to visit Rekha Madam’s house. Unfortunately I do not have any green colour blouse, so I took the black colour blouse and took the green colour petticoat, and started wearing the green cotton saree. I looked at myself in the mirror and ensured that I am looking perfect and adjusted my pleats and pallu, ensured I am perfect and locked my room and started going out. While going Ravi gave me a strange look and understood that I am looking very perfect. I took the auto and reached Rekha madam’s house which is huge bunglow in the middle of the city.

She was wearing casual pyjama and t-shirt and looked so cool. For a moment, I was surprised that she looks so different at house . After finishing dinner, she complimented my hardwork in office and asked me why cant I stay with her as she is staying alone. I was not at all interested as I have the fear that I might get exposed. I did not said anything, kept quite and she showed her house and it was very good. By the time we finished food and everything , I realized that it was already 10.00 PM and felt it would too late. So I started asking permission to leave the house. As next day is Saturday she asked me what is hurry in leaving as tomorrow is a holiday.

Though I tried, Rekha Madam, did not agree and was forced to stay back. She asked me what dress I would like to wear tonight, I have no answer and then she took me to her wardrobe and asked me to select any dress that I like. I have no clue as to what to select. After looking at my petticoat, she asked me to wear the green colour nighty. I took and went to washroom to change my dress. I removed my saree and blouse and wore nighty.

She felt so happy and entire night we were talking and slept not sure about the time we slept. During the process, I became so close to her and starting calling her as Krishna which she likes. At around 5.00 AM in the morning, I could feel that some body lifting my dress and removing my dress and realized that it was Krishna. And slowly I co.operated with the closed eyes and now I am naked in bed with artificial vagina. She was unable to realize and took the ***** and
inserted in my *** hole.

It was very painful , but Krishna was enjoying very much and in the process my breast forms came out and I am just holding them with my hand. After 30 mins, Krishna felt relaxed and started caressing my hair. The time is about 8.00 AM, I got up and went to wash room and took nice shower. It was very painful and was unable to walk and there is little blood strains as well. I controlled everything and came out by wearing the same nighty.

After coming out, she pointed to the wardrobe and asked me to select the dress, I took the pink colour saree and dressed my self and prepared coffee and came infront of Krishna. She felt very happy after the coffee and again started playing with my body. Now I started enjoying verymuch and after nearly 4 times of play, she left on the bed with out any dress. And slowly I got up and
touched the feet of Krishna and asked for forgiveness. And I told everything. She gave me tight slap and scolded me for cheating. After 1 hour of heated words, she became normal and asked me how comfortable I am as female.

She asked me to show my penis and entire body and which I showed . After wearing the trunk (artificial vagina) for more than 6 months, my penis size is so small and infact it can be called as if I do not have . She laughed and showed me her Penis. I was very much surprised and then she revealed that she is in the process of becoming female to male and she thought of marrying me after her full conversion. After some time, she consoled me for manhandling and took me to her doctor and introduced me as her friend and then I went through various kinds of tests and then Doctor confirmed that I am ready for male to female surgery. And at the same time she fixed her surgery for removing all the breast and removal of extra flush in her body.

After 10 days, where she is on leave came back to office in jeans and t-shirt, and slowly everybody understood that she is not Rekha Krishna now and she is now R.Krishna (meaning Rajesh Krishna), though no body has dare to comment infront of Krishna, everybody accepted . In the mean time, I have started taking the hormone injections and there is various changes in my body and It is very painful.

One day, Ravi came to my room at 11.00 PM and asked me what is the reason for change and after telling everything he felt very happy and I told him that I will be vacating the room in the next month. He wished me best wishes and asked for favour which I could not avoid. This time it is more of personal favor where he wanted to get satisfied by my body. After lot of thinking I have agreed and asked him to come tomorrow after closing the shop.

Tomorrow he closed the shop early at 7.30 PM and came with jasmine flowers,I was waiting for him and wearing the white colour cotton saree and was ready satisfy him to the core. I kept lots of variety of sweets and offered him. And
then slowly he removed my dress and I am sleeping below him with just petticoat and bra. He removed my bra and surprised to see that I have my own breast rather than the breast forms given by him. He completely sucked it and started biting my nipples.

I am in heaven and feeling of real female started in me and Ravi sucked my breast like a kid and I am holding his head so close to my breast so that he can enjoy more. After sucking my breast, he removed the knot of my petticoat and kept his hands in my panty and removed my panty. I asked him not to remove
my artificial vagina. But it was difficult to control him. So in order to stop him, I took his penis in my mouth and gave blow job.

He felt very happy and released sperms in my mouth and after 30 mins we both
were sleeping holding the hands of each other and then slowly he removed by articial vagina and observed my penis is less than one inch and wished me that I should become Mrs.Madhu Krishna soon and he
turned me back and inserted his big manlihood in my *** hole and closed my mouth with another hand.

It was very much painful and I was getting the tears from my eyes due to the pain, but I want to satisfy him to the core as he is the person who gave me this life. He gave me shots for 15 mins and released in my hole and I could feel that my *** is full with his sperms.

My life has become better than before. I am a full fledged Crossdresser now. Ravi and Krishna, both have become my partners.
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dear madhu, tell me where u got artifial vagina..i wanna

i like di .i also want **** your vagina by mt *****