Man In Saree

Hormonal Treatment always has side effects. One, which we were told about, was the possibility of breast enlargement. but nothing happened after 2 years at the time we hardly took any notice. Rajesh breasts became swollen and painful to the extent that he was off work for long periods. Or so he told me, but I never got to see them, he was too shy and I was too busy. I'd recently started a new job and I was impatient with Rajesh weepy reaction to his problems.

I didn't know then that his weaknesses fuelled my own aggressive tendencies. It was like a seesaw effect; the more I saw him as weak, the more I wanted to take control.

One day I actually slapped him! We were both a bit shocked but I was genuinely angry. I was now the only worker in the house and he hadn't even cleaned the dishes from our last meal!

I suppose that if I had known that the hormonal changes were also affecting his emotional state I might have been more sympathetic, as it was I made things worse by being a It was a Saturday morning - one of the few days I had the time to notice him - and he couldn't hide his thickening hips any longer. I watched him struggling with his pants and told him to stop.

He was reluctant, but I was wary now, he'd been far too secretive of late and I wanted to know what was going on.

Rajesh didn't want to talk and he didn't want to show me anything.

'Nothing's wrong,' he told me tearfully. But my aggression and my new authority held sway. I almost threw him onto the bed.

'I want to see what you'd been hiding from me!' I yelled at him.

It was his frantic scramble to get off the bed; he actually fell on all fours, which made me realise that something serious was happening.

I hit him, a vicious slap that made him cringe.

'Don't move again or I'll beat you senseless,' I warned.

rajesh obviously believed me and was still.

Even then I didn't really see the real problem, his widening hips, fuller buttocks and heavier thighs, it was the sight of my panties!

'Mine don't fit properly any more,' he explained, 'and it getting worse.'

There was also breasts that upset my husband. Once the reasons for them had been explained - too large a dose of a cholesterol-reducing medication - he simply accepted the situation.

'These things happen,' he said to me when we were in our bedroom that night. 'I'm assured that the financial compensation package will be a big help. All we have to do is wait.'

I didn't agree. I made him tell me all of it. About the sore nipples that reacted to even the slightest touch; the swollen flesh at his chest; his emotional fragility - and his wide womanly flanks.

'We have to see a doctor,' I told him.

'No,' he told me, 'it will be all over town in no time.'

That was true, but he had to have medical advice. I decided to wait. That was a mistake; Rajesh hair became thicker and longer; and his breasts became too heavy to ignore!

'We'll see an out of state doctor, say we're on holiday.' I said firmly, 'we can't let this go on.'

Well we did see a doctor. He confirmed what we already suspected; Rajesh eczema treatment was causing his problems. 'If he stays off the medication he had a 50-50 chance.' The doctor said. Your chest is turned to breast it is as like a lady so you'll have to wear a bra. I know how that sounds but it's good advice. If you allow the skin to stretch too much even when the swelling goes down you'll have a lot of loose flesh at the chest and it won't go away. Stay at home, wear and bra and wait.'

Rajesh was more worried about me than himself.

'How do you feel about a husband wearing a bra?' so he never agree to wear a bra

After a week I said him about doctors advice but he don't

At last I asked to doctor what to doctor is a lady she said that you should play with his breast and irritate him so he agree because no women would like any one playing her breast

"her" I asked she said I am sorry but your husband is Hal fly female now

On that day i used to play with his breast I go near him then said 'What am I going to do?' I sat next to him on the bed. I knew I was in control slowly open his shirt i now and I had it all planned out in my head. I placed my palm under his left breast. I weighed it in my palm - the excitement was infectious and Rajesh's nipples responded.

I shivered. My eyes dropped to his breasts. No point in beating about the bush, that is what they were. Perfect, lovely, thrilling breasts.

My silence and my scarlet face condemned me.

'You like them,' he whispered, 'don't you?'

I turned my back on him; I didn't want him to see the lust in my eyes. I hated myself at that moment. And in my anger I lashed out.

'You should be wearing your bra,' I said spitefully, 'you know what the doctor said, it's at night you'll be at risk.'

He didn't answer. I faced him once more and saw the crushed expression on his face. My heart softened. I sat next to him on the bed and hugged him.

'I know it's hard but you really must take their advice.'

A shudder ran through him. I felt his firm breasts against my own. I wanted, with a hunger that frightened me, to slide a palm up to his breast.

I said please Rajesh

'I can't do it indu,' he told me miserably. 'I just can't.'

'And what about me?' I asked angrily. 'How do you think I feel when I see your breasts swinging and bouncing about? Stop being emotional and wear your bra.'

He didn't look up.

'No,' he said. 'I won't.' He was stubborn. Nobody seemed to understand his feelings, he claimed, not me, not the nursing staff and certainly not the psychologist who was supposed to help him. I got more from the psychologist than Rajesh. She told me to ignore my guilt and to concentrate on getting him into a bra.

We all concentrated on the bra, not the breasts. I mean that was the problem wasn't it? How does a man cope with them from a practical and emotional standpoint?

Only later did I see it from Rajesh viewpoint; men hate the idea of being turned into a sissy. A bra was too big a bridge to cross for a man. That was when I first got the idea - about giving him more of the drug, not less.

He is still a man,' the shrink told me, 'emotionally he still thinks like a man, despite the breasts and hips. Eventually his mind will catch up and he will start thinking more like a woman. Tears and emotional swings, that kind of thing. Then you'll be able to convince him a bra is the right thing for him.'I was in charge of his medication, and now I had a good reason to get him back onto the original drugs. I gave him double doses for a week. My rationale was simple; once I had him in a truly feminine state of mind I could get him into a bra, and then stop the drug. I wasn't being selfish; it had nothing to do with the factthat I enjoyed seeing and touching his breasts. I was doing this for my husband.

Why? Because he had to wear a bra - the medics and the counsellor all agreed - and even I saw the practical benefits.

I remember the day he finally agreed to wear it. I can't say for certain that it was as a result of the extra medication, it could have been the constant pressure from everyone, but one morning, after a sleepless night, he caved in.

'Wear is it?' He asked in a soft voice. 'The bra, the one they gave me at the hospital.'

I shrugged as though uninterested, but my throat was choked with excitement.

'I gave it back,' I lied, 'it wouldn't fit you now anyway.'

He looked down at his heavy breasts. Even he could see they were bigger and heavier.

I soon woke up and said tomorrow we will consult that doctor me rajesh and lady doctor are alone she gave somany advse to him then she said come on we want to take measurement I also go with them she asked him to open his shirt she also wondered seeing that female flesh at his chest she checked it she is touching and holding his breast in her hand sliding her palm up to his breast seeing to this I feel little angry because I want that breast my own no one should share itshe have an age of 29 30 then I under stand that she is playing with that sexy flesh then she said come on I will gave you a councling

from today you are going to wear bra


why do you wear bra


why do you wear bra rajesh

because your body demands it

now we want to check your bra size and also there is some lesson we want to know when we wear bra

If the straps dig into your shoulders, the bra back size is probably too big, as the main support for the breasts should come from the strap around your body and the cups

If your bra rides up your back, the bra is too big around your body – the strap should fit around your ribcage

Lift up your arms. Does everything stay in place? If your bra pulls up across your breasts you need a smaller size bra, probably with a larger cup size

If your bra wrinkles, your cup size is too big – the breasts should be in the cups with a smooth outline

If your breasts bulge out of the top or sides of your cup, and your bra looks lumpy under clothes, your cup size is too small

If wires poke out at the front or dig in under your arms, the cup size is too small – the wires should lie flat against your body and surround your breasts

Look for a bra with two or three fastenings or hooks – these give the best support

Underwires give good support, but the upper end of the wire should not press into the breast tissue near the armpit

Hearing this I am too shy then what should his mentality in between two beautiful ladies

Who have and a men who have breast going to wear one

He is standing with out shirt I tightened the measuring tape below his fleshy chest it was 36 . in my mind I was envious because mine in 34

Seeing this doctor said mine is 36 I look at his and her breast both are similar in size but one is male breast and are not covered another is hide under bra blouse saree

Doctor then said to alady nurse to bring two 36 size bra she came with two packets it was youthform a famous brand itwhite in colour then she said come on rajesh put your arms through it straighten its shoulder straps I doit then she check all sides and press the back botton It was an inspired choice even if I do say so myself. On the one hand it did exactly what it was supposed to do - stop rajesh breasts from sagging and swaying. It's rigid bra cups clamped my husband's unruly flesh into place; it's numerous whalebone struts and battens gave both solid support and firm grip.

On the other hand it was made of sleek shiny satin, and exquisitely exciting feminine undergarment. A garment that aroused the senses, his and mine!

But he said me another thing you try to transfer from here if you can get immidiatly we can shift from here

I agree to it because we are living alone here at trivandram but we have some friends here on that days he don't fit his own shirt beczuse of his growing breast

As I ran my hot palm over those cool and smooth bra cups I knew I was never going to allow him to be a man again. And rajesh knew it! He told me tearfully that we'd never be the same again. And he was right. I think I knew the first time we made love. He was sobbing quietly; weeping like a girl. We were lying in bed late at night. When I reached for him he clung to me.

'I'm sorry,' He wept.I knew he was talking about his inability to get an erection. But some times latter it starts erecting this surprised bothof us

told you, stop trying to be a man.' He sniffed, 'you don't mind?'

.Fortunately after three month I got a trasfer to calicut so we shift to calicuWe buy an apartment near there On day I told him that he would not wear shirt and pants because 'Look, your own pants don't fit, your hips are simply too wide. And why should we pay money 'It was logical - with his long hair and new figure he definitely suited my clothes more than his won – I said it casualy but he don't agree it

Hearing this he look at tohis hair . it is grown down to his showlder

He said he want to cut it it is more than 8 month he had n't cut his hair

But when I consult doctor she said that

What is his condition now?

Almost feminine

face hair

almost lost but his voice is still in males

Is there any errection yes oh so he is in bisexual stage

did he cut his hair

no I don't allow it but he tells he want to cut it can he able tie it at back

ofcause we can try pony tyle

oh then we can put some jasmine on it , male dresses are not safe so compel him to wear your dress

what dress would you mean

what is his bra size

36 inches

His height-5eet 6 inch

how old is he

26 years me on25

So don't try choli or middi because he have a body size of a girl who has the age of marriage so you better try in salwar kammes or saree

Saree do any man wear saree I asked my self

On next day I try my level best to get his measurement but no chance

at last I get it while he is sleeping

Next day I slowly said yesterday I get your mesure ment when sleeping he listen to me look your hand and shoulder become slim and loss muscle but your chest sorry breast it is big and sexy so it need a protecton likeshalldid any one wear shall over a shirt no I said that s why you should wear blowse or churidaar ' I said as gently as I could. so'This is my decision.. You will dress like a woman and you will act like a woman. You are incapable of being a husband out side . I do not want a husband out side the house so we will be two lady friends .inside house you will be that husband. Not a girl friend'

His eyes went wide. 'Just like that?'

I said him what doctor says so I take a disition I am changing your name as rajasree at here you are rajesh but when we reached calicut you are rajasree

We left there and go straight to guruvayoor temple on the way we went to a ladies beauty parlor from there they cleared his eye brow and shapened his hair

Then I say next is a surprise we then went to a jwellery from there they do some thing on his ear and at last he look at the mirror there is gimmiki on his ear and he was so upset then the reason that I select temple is in kerala men are not allow to enter temple wearing shirt so he will comes like a women but women must wear saree so

I can dress up him in saree

Reaching the hotel I said you take a bath then sur prise

When he comes out I said from today on wards you should wear pants andshirt only house while you go out only salwar kammes or saree for this I sold most of your dress

While hearing this he is shoked and start crying then I try to understand problem faced by women in community

"is I am a women" he asked

I said "I don't know you are a man or women but your body demands it

Then he said " you cheat me.would you asked me befour going to that jwellery

I said I know you would not allow if you know about

I leave him alone for some times to settle down his emotion. Seeing his condition I also was upset

Because my lovely husband is has completely turned to his feminine stage

His wide chest ,gentle legs ,attractive face, masculine structure all was a dream .now he has fleshy breast, womanly thies, girlish hips lovely face, no face hair , have long hair the only avidance that he was a male in his past was his strong male voice

After some times he call me , then I sat near him.

He slowly said I will hear all you say what next

I said we want to go temple so if you go as a male they asked you to put shirt out side

Do you want to go like that showing your breast out side

No indu no he said

Why I asked

After a scilence he said I have breast like women so people laugh at me

Where is it I said that s why I am telling you that you should wear my dresses

He said iam not coming out I will stay inside our house

Did you stay in side the house life long

No so you should try it

I know you are male you have base voice irrection but your masculinity is completely loss now you are a women accoding to man a sex bomb did you remember doctor said you should cover your breast with a shall that much fleshy is item that packed inside the your bra it could not be safe when you travel in a bus or in a crowd but if you dress in ladies fassion you have a special concideration did you hear ladies first

.i asked him by ranning my hot palm over those cool and smooth breast over his shirt . I said I was never going to allow him to be a man again. And rajesh knew it! He told me tearfully that what should I wear

I said you first through your shirt and pants and wear your bra and panty I will show a surprise . he done what I said then I show him a suitcase I tcontain three36 size bra 5 blowses 5 petticote 2 salwar kameez and some sarees . from them I select a light blue blowse , petticoat and saree . I said wear it he don't agree at last he said I don't know how to wear it I help him to wear it . while wearing my hand touches some part of body I feel extra mood . then I sat him I front of a mirror formake up

he first wear light blue prtticoat then I take blowse iam little worryabout its size but it was perfect fit for him while bottons are pressing my hand was in between his lovely brest also his breast gap was little bigger than me then I help him to wear saree

it was a fantastic seen to watch that my lovely husband is turned into a sexy women


After some times we comes out his strchure was

Lovaly face by apply face cream , powder, drawing his eyes and eyebrow , bindya …..

His hair was tightly tied in ladies fashion by using hair pin and clips and some jasmine flowers on it then jwells like jimmiky in ear ,one chain ,a stoned nose ring and 3 bangles in each hand . he wore a beautiful light blue coloured saree having pitchure of flowers on it . it was simple and

a light blue coloured blowse through that blowse we can see his white coloured 36 bra, its hook , its adjesting botoon more over his feminity . while walking there is a nice smell of ladies perfume and a noice. yes while looking to legs there is a voice of padaswara . his walking style was not like ladies but movement of his large hips was what I attract may be all man and women should attract it .

after returning from temple I said come on change your saree wear this salwaar we are going to calicut . then he said no indu I don't want to change this saree I feel more comfort in saree than in shirt and pants

do you like this – yes

what do you feel - I feel this is complesion

how do you feel when you are in this fassion- I thing this is the suitable dress for me

why – indu don't play with me

no rajesh no , sorry rajasree I shamed at him

are you afraid when you stant in a crowd – yes

why-you no it people are various kind so I am afraid

yes this is I want to hear from you this thought is feminine so your mind is changing slowly to feminine

do you have any dougtht – yes I have when I am standing in crowd some are looking to my breast n above right side breast and some are looking to myleft breast through the sides of saree when I see this I remember my old male stage

o ho now I teach you some ladies only lesson

ladies only lesson for me he asked

yes because wearing saree you have same problems that a lady have is it lady

I don't know

You must know you have fleshy breast, womanly thies, girlish hips a well made female structure

you should check time to time wheather your saree flaps are coming down if it comes your breast gap and sides of breast should expose so you shouldcover it

you also cover your left breast side with saree flaps it also give a covering to yourlovely stomach. This is the area opened so all male eyes should look this breast side and stomach . I said it by touching his fleshy breast and stomach

then I said run some distance he run as a male run 'a man what is this are you

not bothered about your fleshy itemsYou have some sexy organs in your chest

so if you run it will bounce it is the most favorite sight to males . llifted his

female breast using my fingers of two hand while I tell this cover it with hands

some times is there any exercise your bra will come out through blowse neck

You will insert it like this I demonstrate it in his bra

you should also check your lower side of saree wheather the petticoat is well in

rajesh please walk a little I said and I watched from his back oh what amoment I

said your his hips and back are moving in a sexy manner it should attract every

one so when some one looks your back in a hot manner you take your saree pallu

in this way and keep in your hand or insert in your left side of petticoat

When we reached calicut he start a gift shop in town and I was engaed in my job now he realise that he was a women

After three or four month latter I asked him today we are going to cut your hair . boys cut is maching for you he said no indu no I want to grow this upto my hips

What I expect is same answer I said rajesh your mind is now completely changed to female thought thats why you are loving your hair this much

While he tells this I remember the old incident now he has hair upto his blowse neck

Then he changed his dresses then I say come on where is your dresses I will teach how to wash a man have only a shirt and pants but you are now a women you have long saree blouse petticoat bra panty so you study how to wash a lady should know how to wash

I said it by pinching on his breast nipple

For one or two months he lived as i tell earliar fully feminine dress while going out and shirt and pants in house slowly iam not interested in this style because when any one came he go fastly change into maxi one day I notice that he is wearing maxi freely then I said to him that if you are interested or not you should wear petticoat under maxiother he himselfs change the attitude now he wear only churidaar or maxi in house because his old dresses are damaged and I said one day we two have same body language so why should we buy different type clothes so when we buy saree churidaar or maxi we both can use iti also bring some old churidaar of mine from my hose I think it is suitable dress for him and he also enjoy wearing it now he has up to date knowledge of sarees and churidaar now adays I buy a tight muslim type churidaar it was so matching for him and he also loves to wear it now he have long hair just abouve his hip......
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