A Boy In Saree

I am a I am 20 years old male i was metured in the age of 16 in that time i am little fat but todday i become long and little slim but my chest is as like as a girl my father is out of country and mother and girl friend she is my cousine and our marriage is fixed earlier so I tell all m problems to her know it I will stay almost all time in my house one day my mother give her bra and forced me to wear it I don't hear it and I was so sad at last I tell this to my girl friend seetha she said if it is needed for you why cant you because The doctor said. you'll have to wear a bra primary reason for wearing brassiere is it stop your breasts from sagging and swaying. It's rigid bra cups clamped my boys unruly flesh into place; On the other hand it was made of sleek shiny satin, and exquisitely exciting feminine undergarment. A garment that aroused the senses, of mine!

One day when she came to my house she accedently seemy breast and she said show my breast I shyly opened my shirt and show it they were.. Seeing this she said Perfect lovely, thrilling breasts 'You should be wearing your bra at last I agreed my mother brought a new 36 size bra it was properly fit for me then she said weather I go out or not I should wear bra regularly other wise flesh become loose but I don't like it but she forced me to wear it

I stoped my education I also willl not go to barber shop so I have little long hair and I tied in pony tail seethe and she said you should wear saree and salwaar that should match you better than pant shirt also you have long nice hair mother also said please hear what I said and asked will you please wear my salwaar and shall I am shour it must be correct fit for you once they challenge me they will drape me in a saree bet said an idea to my mother so mother said you should grown up our hair and you should pierce your both ear only if you wear my cloths and if you not obey it go to barber I escaped several times from them financialy we are sound so we have some shopping complex in town so there may be a good amount of rent

I am afraid to consult a doctor I have no other problems male voice 5, 7 height for two years I have never cut my hair it have more than 20 cm long from my neck it was cute and feminine looking hair all girl in our apartment talk about my hair it was thick black and straight and also little bit longer than almost all girls in our apartment I will tie it in pony tail one day girls said to me that I should try to tie hair tight other wise it would be bad to hair so many girl asked me you don't cut your hair please grow more than seetha I and seethe amost have same length hair

seetha said you have long hair breast and why cant you wear womens dress I and her fought a lot telling this matter and she said if I was not willng to wear it she should cut my hair

One day my 2 sisters and 3 women cousins came to our home seethe were discussing some thing to them they laughed when they saw me I as usually drope my dresses in room and nakedly went for bath when I come back there is no any dress in that room and door is locked from out side when I asked replay came from mother there is a packet in bed wear that when I opened it I saw

none of my clothes were there, instead I found bra, petticoat, blouse and a saree. Meanwhile, the room from outside was bolted by some of them. I was crying for my clothes but was replied by seethe to try all the female clothes if at all I want to come out of the room and with a warning that I will not wear any thing then what will happen to me.

And next she said Have you ever dressed up as a girl.i asked so many times you willl not agree so today you will dress between us I think you will look pretty if you wear saree and blouse ". I blushed at the thought of wearing saree. When they stopped laughing, she rushed to room then announces no one should open the door before I tell As she came in, I loooked down as I was feeling shy. she came near me, lifted my chin and said," You are going to look pretty. From now on then she took the bra in her I blushed.. she hooked the bra against my chest, slid it along to make the hook reach my back, then filled the cup with 'my breasts' and put my arms through the straps. Then I pulled up a bit of my chest to form a cleavage and the cups into proper shape. i looked at the breast forms and shook my head slowly. They would fit my bra perfectly. my bra, I couldn't believe that I had gotten used to saying " my breasts ". She had broken him in to the bra, then she gave me a panty

As the thin nylon material of the panties slid up my legs, I started getting a hard-on. I managed to capture my unruly **** in the panties and tied the towel around my waist to hide the bulge. But the feel of the silky panties was driving me crazy.

"Hey, now wear this petticoat". She was holding a light red petticoat made out of linen. I took it from her turned around, put the petticoat over my head and let my towel slip down as the petticoat glided over my body and covered my legs. I tied it at my waist and admired it as it swished against my wide hips and oscillated gently at my ankles " My god! You look really beautiful

then she take red silk blouse its size but it was perfect fit for me while bottons are pressing her hand was in between my lovely breast also my breast gap was little bigger than her then she cried out in joy as I stood admiring my silk-covered shapely breasts, standing out proudly she said to me that this your measurement was taken by mom when you are sleeping

Then she picked up the six-meter long sari and laughed at me and said saree saree saree started tying it around me. The feel of the soft silk on my exposed stomach was intoxicating it was a beautiful saree and my wife is an expert on wearing saree I stand there calmly

I was a guy with cute and beautiful face, slim body and long hairs. Then she started working on me. She helped me applied makeup on me. Simple powder (no compect), kajal, lipistic, bindi eye brows and put nail police to all the 20 nails tied my long hair in a cute feminine style applying hairpins and clips toussle it the to cover the cap properly and fall over a part of my forehead.then she take an extra hair and fix on my hair it was long below my hips she said Now the effect is stunning. Good hair does add beauty to a woman and I am as such beautiful. I have become more beautiful now then she take one thick long chain neclases bangles on hand 2 rings on each hand a pair of gimmiki in ear and fixing nose studs in nose angle belt to me 6 foot of jasmine flower

That very moment she carried my hand and took me in to my moms near the room where I could saw myself in the mirror Where I was ? No, it was not me at al but a beautiful young village girl with long hair having tied in a beaytiful fasion put so many jasmine on it with nice, sexy, well lifted breasts in the bra covered by a well fit blouse and saree from over the breasts on to the left shoulder and paluu on back covering the hips nice ladies make up bangles ladies chain ear ring finger rings nose stud angle belt ladies watch ladies towel even I see very shy to face and stand between them because they are telling I am most beautiful women among us

Since I dressed in the room till this moment all my feelings of soft touch of nylon on my body were gone as other emotions of anger, mercy and many more over rided me and I couldn't enjoy my dressing, but now, I started feeling the soft touch of the cloths I was wearing and my penis erosed like a rod.
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Jan 18, 2013