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Silk ,satin Crossdresser

Am I the only guy how likes the feel of satin and silk lingerie on my skin I crossdress as often as I can as I am now.

I am sat here wearing a long silk nightdress and silk dressing gown whilst writing this the feel of the materials together are so soft and satisfying.  I have felt this way as far back as I can remember often wearing my mothers clothes as a kid when ever my parents were out always getting fully dressed up in stockings,suspenders (garters for any americans) and padded bra my favorite piece of clothing was her long blue silk Chinese dress the feel of the material tightly clinging to my body felt so good. the first piece of women's clothing  I picked up the courage to go into a shop and buy myself was a red satin blouse I saw in the window the urge to wear it was so great it over rode any embarrassment I had and I wore it as often as i could. I crossdress as often as I can especially most weekends and days of from work as I spend all day and night dressed in womens clothes and in bed were I can my sleep in my silk and satin night gowns.   If I could I would  wear womens clothing all the time and never wear male clothes again but as I,m still in the closet  this is not possible and I have to wear male clothes more than I can crossdress is there anyone else who feels the same as I do as I do not know any other crossdressers I can talk to


reb123 reb123 46-50, M 6 Responses Nov 19, 2009

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Baby- I know for a fact your not alone. I'm right there with you. Just Love Silk & Satin. They make your skin feel so special. So keep right on wearing that Silk & Satin.

At home i can usually be found in silky things. When relaxing usually just panties and a slip buy other times a skirt and blouse or satin dress with all the femmy lingerie underneath.

Silk & nylon always!!!

I am the same as you, I love wearing SILK or SATIN lingerie and do most days under my suit to work.<br />
At night I wear full length SILK NIGHTDRESSES with big silk panties underneath.<br />
A lovely feeling all over, it excites me greatly

Yes, We Liked satin blouse, sating night gown, satin skirts , to wear all the time. I am a boy, I liked to wear satin skirts and blouse, satin silk sarees. I used manytimes, really, greatfull feelings. <br />
every time ,I wish to wear silk satin skirts, sarees .I love to wear satin skirts....................!

Reb, there are many of us here who feel exactly the same as you do! Welcome aboard the tranny train!