Satin Blouse Fetish

as I work in an office I have to look smart for work,and I've amassed quite a collection of office shirts but satin blouses are without doubt my favourites,they look incredibly smart and feel sexy against my skin,and worn with the right skirt and heels I get attention all day.
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I wear nice blouse"s too with pleated skirts and pantyhose

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You got me at attention just hearing about it!

I totally agree with you. Satin blouses feel so good to wear and with a pencil skirt and sky high heels you have a very sexy looking work outfit.

I love those high collar (Peter Pan collars). I wish I had some to wear myself. When I see women wearing them with a pencil skirt, nylons and heels I start to swoon in delight!

Wow, It sounds so nice and sexy!!!

You would certainly get my attention and you would make me very hard..

A charmeuse satin blouse is the most erotic garment a woman can wear. Check out the men when you are close to them!

I do constantly! I love to catch them looking at me.....xx

"I do constantly! I love to catch them looking at me.....xx"

Well I have read the rest of the posts and your replies are just right. I am now one of those satin blouse lovers who is turned on just like you!

Hello to all of you satin loving people out there like us.
My husband and I love making satin fetish sex and we film it and have our own store if you are interested in cummming inside and taking a peek at we i can offer you please dont be a stranger.
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Yummy. I rarely see women wearing satin anymore!

what brands and where is a good place to get nice satin blouses? they look so classy and sexy like you said, I want to feel what its like to wear one with a beautiful bra underneath...fantastic stories!

Sexy office lady!.. Love it!!.. Thanks for sharing!

i love to see your body in a shiny satin blouse

I'm glad you like to.....x

Unquestionably a button through satin blouse is an exquisitely sexy garment of a womans outerwear apparel. Observing the outline of a woman's **** through a satin blouse is so irresistibly enticing. Love feeling a womans bra through her satin blouse. I adore sniffing and kissing a womans satin blouse after she has just been wearing it and deeply inhaling her perfumed scent permeating through the soft smooth satin. My first satin blouse fetish experience was with one of my sisters lovely sexy beige button through satin blouses. From that initial experience my satin blouse fetish was ignited and i have accumulated a substantial collection of gorgeous pretty satin blouses. ******* on a satin blouse while a lady is wearing it is spectacular and very erotic. A satin blouse accentuates the feminine loveliness and sensuality of a woman wearing it with a sexy skirt with seamed or seamless very silky sheer stockings and sexy high heels. Dressed as you described in your story would undoubtedly attract enormous attention from admirer's throughout the day. A satin blouse is a centerpiece garment of sensuality. Fontana

You must look fabulous, especially when your nipples get firm and erect. Nothing better than seeing an aroused woman when at the office, especially in satin or silk bouses, thinner the better. Sheer tops are good too. ;)

There's nothing sexier than a satin blouse and a cold office....x

How many days do you usually wear your shiny satin blouse before you put it into laundry ? I myself often wear it for 2-3 days to my office since they are shiny and smell nice. When some friends talk about my satin, they usually like touch it and then..sniff it...

Usually only a day as somedays they can get quite stained....x

you will be very sexy if you wear a shiny and tight semi unbuttoned satin blouse that show your nice neck and cleavage with a short shiny black skirt and heels i love you when you put your hands in your back to show your **** bigger and more accessible kisssss

I would love for you to couple your satin blouses with satin pants. Satin pants will exquisitely outline your crotch and *** very nicely. You will look even more sexy and will get a lot more attention, especially from me...

I've got some georgeous satin pants they look stunning with heels.....x

I am sure you would look very hot and sexy in your gorgeous satin pants, luxurious satin blouse and lovely heels. I get very hard thinking about your wearing this outfit.

It turns me on knowing others are hard thinking about me....x

I am glad that it turns you on.....

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That wouldn't be a problem I love getting dressed up smart for work.wearing a satin blouse and pencil skirt makes me feel sexy....x

If you work in my office you have to look smart. Your collection of satin blouses would be required to be worn because you'd look incredibly smart and feel very sexy. You would get my attention all day.

Mmmmm.......would love to work in your place. I'd be ************ all day long.

Love to give your nylon legs and feet some attention xx

No doubt you do get attention all day,and I"m sure hubby pays lots of attention when you come home at night.;)

Satin blouses always get me hard, do you ever go braless under them?

A lot of the time,I love feeling my nipples slide all over my blouse.

The best blouse to wear for that is an very fine roll neck button down back blouse, they make your breasts poke out more than usual...Try it.

and I would love to message your sexy nipples through your satin blouse.

I bet it also feels incredibly good against my ****.

If I'm wearing a blouse with a bow or tie I love to let it gently touch my hubby's **** and balls,and even let him slide his **** around my blouse before I take him in my mouth, I love to watch it twitch with every touch of my blouse.

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They are especially smart looking when you are braless ;)

Way too hot and naughty. I imagine being your coworker and being forced to endure the sight of you in shiny blouses and leather or velvet skirts. I'd probably have to spend half the day in the restroom ******* off thinking about rubbing myself against your outfits.

Why waste it in the restroom?I might let you pleasure yourself on my blouse,but you'd have to clean me up after.x

That's even better! I'd love to get off your smooth shiny blouses....making messes on them then having to clean it up. No matter how hard I try, though, there will be some hint of *** stains on them...letting everyone else in the office know what a dirty girl you are...

That's hot.

He can't keep his hands off me,I know he gets turned on by the thought of me dressed up in satin and tight skirts showing myself off to the men in the office all day,buy it turns me on knowing there's more hard **** that wants to **** me hard.xxxx

i think i know of at least one :)

I also have a very hard **** waiting for you.

I love a hard **** in me....x

Very nice, looking forward to seeing pix of you in your blouses. LM