Orange control Suit

I can write to you now, my Mistress has let me out of the new orange suit she has just brought me.

It is the most unusual suit made on one piece and you enter through the LEGS, yes there is a zip which runs from one ankle to the other, and you pull the suit (complete with mittens) over your head (until your head pops out the top), put your feet into the attached booties and get zipped up.

That's where you stay !!

Mistress decided I should stay warm and tight for a day (to start) and thats where I've been until now. You have no touch (or not much) and as the suit is bright orange and crinkles as you move so there is no hiding, and little sleep.

I don't usually wear a nappy but it was a good job I was made to as every thing stays in side this suit. The booties soon started to fill up.

I thought it would be all right as my head was poping out of the suit so I could eat and drink. It was until She decided I was too comfortable and the rebreather Gas mask was added. That's when it got really hot !!

As I am now out of the suit I thought you should share the experience, anyone else got a similar suit?
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56-60, M
2 Responses May 9, 2012

what site did she get from?

some link to wiev how look that suit??