I Got A Spanking For Flashing My Slip

Just like pantyhose, slips have seemed to have slipped away from the average women these days. I still love to wear them. I got some old sexy slips of my moms. A little show of a lacey slip is fun to flirt without showing too much. I use to get my panties pulled down and spanked after church for not keeping my slip covered. One morning I didn't know my mom was looking and I flashed my my slip at my girl friend. My mom snatched me up in the middle of a hymnal singing and took my 5 year old *** to the ladies room. She sat down on the couch in there with her on slip showing, pulled up my dress and lacey slip and gave me a bare bottom spanking. I kicked and cried as she made my butt cherry red.
I was then told I'd be spanked again at home. When we got home she told me to go take off my sunday dress and report back to the living room in my slip. First she hand spanked me in my slip telling me how young ladies don't go around showing off their underwear in public. Then she rolled up my legs in the diaper position and swatted my panties for a while. Finally she ripped down my panties and strapped my bare bottom in the diaper position for a good 30 seconds. I would like to say that was the last time I got caught showing off my underwear in public but it was not and that's another naughty story. :)
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5 Responses Jan 5, 2013

I love clingy, slinky slips of all kinds. I love the way they feed the imagination and leave a lot to the imagination at the same time

harsh punishment for being naughty!

Wow, that's harsh for a 5 year old. You have my sympathy. Sounds like you weer just having some harmless fun.

You probably needed your daddy to thrash your pretty red ***. Then I would put cream on it to help soothe the pain and she that you were ok...

Oh bad girl!! I would have spanked u for at least 30minutes with ur slip on then i would have taken it off and spanked u longer and harder! But i would spank you infront of everyone for a little while! Wouldnt pull up ur dress just to give u a little bit of pride