Do Not Post Some Ppersonal Things Which May Affect Society And In Long Term Yourself

Kindly do not post these type of stories...Convey it through private e-mails. You have a particular preference but everybody will not be supportive for every people in the world.World is full of very harsh, unkind and cruel people who never look people inside
but from outside. If one or two people are getting satisfied does not mean that everybody
will get satisfied.It is actually a headache to housewives and it may lead to public disturbance also since male may enter into female bastion and cause trouble.Kindly understand all these and think of society's interests before your own interest.Kindly take it in the positive sense since i don't want to wound any of your sentiments.
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On EP, I believe we all have the right to share our opinions. My guess is that you are not from a country in which the freedom to express yourself is widely embraced. I consider that to be a shame.

With respect to one's right to share opinions; anyone here on EP has the right to discuss transvestism, openly and honestly. If you haven't already noticed, there are hundreds of groups that address the subject, and thousands of stories supporting it.

I've seen this rhetoric previously, and think you are probably the same person. While your attempts civility, your message does not. Your logical reasoning is completely flawed, and your critical thinking capabilities are seriously lacking.

First do not bother to identify yourself, which is the first sign of cowardace. Secondly, you draw a ludicrous conclusion via cause and effect statement that because one or two of us may be getting some degree of satisfaction by creating these sorts of groups and stories, the rest of society is somehow suffering as a result.

Thousands have chosen to share this aspect of their lives here on EP in writing...something you can easily CHOOSE to ignore and not read, yet somehow, society is suffering from this evil plague. I might suggest you are suffering from a condition called sub-rectal craniitus - also known as having your head up your ***.

I really do not know from what country you originate. If I had to guess however, it would be a place where having an open mind and being free is not widely accepted. A place where action speaks much louder than words. A place where one's choice of language may suggest a degree of decency, but where the actions would dictate a much harsher reality.

What is the penalty for being so self absorbed and confusing society in your country? Perhaps you think severing a man's penis and running it through a meat grinder would be appropriate?

As for me, I will continue to write and share my opinions regarding transvestism here on EP. You don't have to like it - that is your right. You can even express your opinions of how much you dispise it - that is your right as well. But as I have said before, you DO NOT have the right to tell people about which subjects they can and cannot write about. were affected? Does that mean you got caught ************ to tranny **** at work, and were fired?

by telling our stories on sites we can help those that are unsure of them self that they are not alone in this world if they are not your cup of tea than do not read them then you wont be affected by them

Exactly. If you don't like it, don't read it. This clown tried this once before under another name, but struggled with English the same way. Somehow, this person feels they have a "right" to tell people what the can and cannot write. I will fight ANYONE tooth and nail (and will win) who tries to step on the 1st Amendment. I don't care if that person is from another country where oppression is considered acceptable.

ill be right there with you

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