Why I Love It.

I just love the way it makes me feel. The way it shapes my legs, the way it gives that perfect posture. It makes me feel sexy, and powerful. The sexy part I feel is pretty self explanatory, the power comes from knows that pretty much every man I walk past, and yes even a some of the women, are watching me, and the movements that I am am making as I walk past them in my sexy outfit. Having the attention of that many people at one time, knowing many of them would pusue if I stopped to bend over to pick something up, just to watch me in my short skirt ! It's a great power trip. A little egotistical I may be, but it keeps me happy, so why should I change it ? LOL
AddieBaby AddieBaby
26-30, F
7 Responses Jun 25, 2010

Nothing better than seeing a sexy confident woman in heels and a short skirt / dress. Add in stockings [not panty hose / tights] and those glimpses of bare thigh will make most men just stupid...

Nothing wrong with egotism when it makes you happy and doesn't hurt others.

please dont change!!

No do not changeshort skirts and stockings are soooo sexy

Excellent, where do you work, I'M THERE!!!

Short skirts, stockings... two of my Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Girl.<br />
As for high heels... I’m not a fan but they look fab.

But everyone is better looking nude.