Skirts, Stockings And Heels Oh My!

Wow! This experience was made for me. I'm a CD so I have lots of dresses and things.. My absolute favorites are Mini skirts, stockings and heels !! I love walking in heels. I've been doing it for a long time so I'm very good at it! I love to walk through malls or other shopping areas. I don't like panty hose, way to restrictive. I always wear tall size thigh highs that come all the way up! Yes, I wear pantys! These work great with a mini skirt. Depending how brave you are you can always flash a little stocking top... or by bending over......When done right it's a very powerful and wonderful feeling! I have even had guys walk in to things trying to get a better just never gets old. Long live the mini skirt !!!!

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10 Responses Mar 1, 2010

perfect,, nothing as sexy under a mini as stockings and nylon panties hugging a cute gurlie bottom

I totally agree, heels and hosiery can be very powerful ! Love the feeling of walking around in them !

I spent my years in highschool looking up minskirts. And staring at legs. When I was 12 I started to borrow my mom's stockings, I'd hike up a bathrobe to mini lenght, and turn myself on by looking at my legs in a mirror.

you must wear mini skirt becouse you legs is fantastic

Oooo tease me 2476cindy... I love your fshion sense and how hard it makes my **** thinking about seeing you out and about doing your thing... shopping, teasing, flirting ..... ever let a guy or gal feel you up in an elevator or in a crowded station or storage room at work? You are a sexy one... sd

Yes, long live the mini skirt.

love the peek at a white pantie covered bottom,, from a mini,,,,,

such a tease ! I love the idea of a little peek in the mall. Your legs are awesome. I am a big fan of fishnets thigh high's i don't like pantyhose either!

Oooh you little ****, I love it!

You do have Great Legs Cindy