Silk Knickers

Most days under my standard Nurses Uniform I wear silk underwear to make up for my Uniformed life of NHS-UK-uniform or Green scrubs that I often wear in my ward and sometimes even wellington boots as I work in the bleeding unit, that is how I describe it on this site at the moment.
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Your my kind of girl

wish all nurses wore them as standard issue

I expect you look lovely in your scrubs, and lovelier out of them

NHS uniform, what can I say except standard issue.

Your patients are very lucky having a nurse wearing slik underwear, do you have a fav colour?

Pink or White silk French Knickers under the uniform.

White silk knickers, very sexy under a nurses uniform

Must be a hard job. I can't imagine what you see...<br />
<br />
The silk panties though, well I can certainly imagine what you would look like in those :) ...

does silk make u feel good ?

Silk material makes me feel nice, it is nice against the skin.

Silk lingerie under un-sexy clothes required for work, is the mark of a woman who knows she's sexy and loves to remind herself! :)

not very sexy on the outside but very sexy on the inside then, oh and you do an amazing job and if you havent had anyone say thankyou today, "thankyou!" for being a nurse x