Im A Man In A Skirt

i am a 41 year old man now but ever since ths age of 10 i have always wanted to wear a skirt, it wasnt until i was 16 i was able to wear one for the first time all the family were out so i went upstairs and went through my sisters wardrobe , i found a nice black straight skirt that fitted me nicely.while looking at myself in the full length mirror i noticed that my legs were very white i wanted them to be tan like so i went to my mums room and borrowed a pair of her tights, i put them on they felt so soft against my skin i was loving this day.For the next few hours i remained dressed like this and i loved it.A few weeks later me and my 5 mates were at anothers mates house and we were talking about what we were going to wear at the party the following week,they all said jeans and a nice shirt then one of them said Stephen wat about you wat are you wearing i wanted to say a skirt but i was afraid , but at that moment i decided i would, IM GOING TO WEAR MY DARK RED SHIRT WITH A PLAIN BLACK SKIRT. all went quite for a second they looked at each other and then started to laugh then one of them said youre joking , i said no im not im going to wear a skirt,all went quite again , one of them stood up and called me a poof and walked out the rest looked at me then they followed him,i was left sitting there alone thinking to myself why did i do that.
two days later i bumped into them they stopped me to ask if i was serious about the skirt, i wasnt going to back down so i said i was i said guys i have wanted to wear a skirt for a long time , they looked at me and then told me to **** off u big poof.
I never went the party,
i am now married with 3 kids
i wear skirts a and tights at home , my wife buy them for me.I dont wear in public because of the kids

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I feel totally right and relaxed in skirt and tights. Have been here many times, discarding clothes I love when the shame of it hits me. But the powerful urge to wear a skirt eventually prevails, so I have to make myself some more skirts always close-fitting, knee-length pencil skirts in tough velvet - curtain material is ideal for lovely thick velvet skirts. Recently returned to wearing skirts - wonderful - two in use with more to come. I not only feel abolutely right dressed in skirt and tights but the appearance really is thrilling. Nice tops and higher heels add to the effect - the entire makeover rewarding.

There is nothing wrong guys wearing skirts. I have worn dresses and switched over to skirts. Skirts are more comfortable then pants. Plus there are important medical reasons for boys entering puberty and older to wear them. According to the studies I've read pants are a contributing factor to the increased rates of testicular and prostrate cancers. Even the studies state that young boys should either wear dresses or skirts to aid in the prevention of these cancers.

good on ye andrew well done