You Cannot Beat The Feeling Of A Lacy Slip And Pantyhose

I too love the feeling of a lacy slip and pantyhose against my body! I own about 50 or so slips and all of them have lace trim. The more lace the better. I started wearing lingerie as a teenager and it did not take very long until I was hooked. Over the years I have bought silky slips but only if they were lace trimmed. I love the feeling of the lacy slip against my body, but what makes it even more enjoyable is silky panties or underwear and a lacy slip. I am not really interested in other women’s clothes. My love is lingerie and a lacy slip is my favorite. I also enjoy wearing a lacy bra and silky camisole, or a satin chemise to bed, but the slip is still my favorite. Unfortunately, finding lacy slips today is far more difficult. Maybe groups like this will increase the demand for them and we will again see lacy slips in stores. Let’s create the demand!
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3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

If I am in a dress or skirt The under neath includes either a from fitting slip, which is nice and tight or a flowing slip that feels good every time you move... Lace is good satin is better. A leg must have panyhose as your body must have a slip...

I too enjoy the feeling of silky slips, lingerie and pantyhose.

I don't feel dressed unless I have on, slip full or half. And I love to wear a bra.