Finally In Public

So i bought some comp shorts a few weeks ago but i always wear them with shorts on. Well today i went for a nice run and decided to take off my shorts. So i run around the neighborhood with comp shorts and a long shirt tucked in at the back. I was kind of nervous but i stuck to it and it felt great. I got some looks but i liked it. There was a hot chick drivin that slowed down to get a better look at me. It felt great to be free and run in spandex. they feel so nice and tight and sexy i like people to see what i got in the back. haha
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5 Responses Aug 7, 2010

love guys in compression shorts! runners and bikers are so hot in them!


This is a great story. That was a big step to take the shorts off. I say just do what you feel comfortable with. Eventually you will find the perfect balance between what you want to do and what you are comfortable with. Thanks for posting.

Nice, man. Yea it sure did. Just gotta progress to better clothing. haha

Good stuff man! Must've been quite the confidence boost when that chick slowed down! I've been doing my workouts in my speedos lately... its a lot cooler that's for sure!