Here Is A Follow Up To My Last Story.

After I wrote that story about my sheer black shorts. I now know that I would wear them knowing how see-through they are. After I wrote that story I went to the grocery store and a big home improvement store. I am happy to report that I didn't feel the need to put on any undies. I was going to stop of at Target and pick up a few things but while I was at the home improvement store I started having a problem. I was getting way to turned on to be wearing these shorts. Normally I wouldn't be ashamed for people to see how turned on I am. I was just about to drive right by Target and at the last moment I pulled in and parked. I knew walking in that this could go really badly. I guess because of how darn bright it was in that store I was getting a lot of looks. I was still way to turned on to be wearing my shorts but it was to late. I stayed and got all of the things I came for. I even had a lady following me around for a while. I may see if I can find my camera and post some pics of these shorts then you can tell me if I should stop wearing them.
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

I don't want to loose the thrill so I will do it until it stops thrilling me. Thanks.

There is no day like another day, but every new day is a chance for a new thrilling, arousing, sexy and really hot experience in a crowded mall...

I didn't know at the mall how see-through they were. lol

Don't stop!<br />
Wear really see-through clothes (white pants made of silk or pants made of lace and nothing under) in public every day, if you want, and enjoy it...