Over Thinking

This weekend was not the best one for spandex. There were sporadic rain storms all weekend long here where I live. Normally I wouldn't wear spandex if I knew that it might rain. Spandex has a habit of turning completely transparent when it gets wet. At least the kind I wear does. I really wanted to wear spandex so bad though. I made it threw Saturday without going out. By Sunday afternoon I was going crazy. It was still raining off and on. I couldn't take it any more I had to go out. I didn't intend to do everything I could wrong it just turned out that way. I put on a really light color pair of shorts because they were the first ones I came to. I was going to wear a long shirt and just tuck it in. That way if my shorts got wet I could just let the shirt cover me. I didn't like the way the shirt looked so I opted to just wear a spandex jersey. It didn't cover anything but it looked really good. I was going to take a jacket. Here is where over thinking came in. I decided it would be more daring to go out without any backup plan. I was hoping not to get caught in the rain but if it happened I would not be able to cover or hide anything. I started to change into black shorts but I decided that the light color I was wearing made everything more dangerous. To be perfectly honest I was more than a little turned on thinking about what I was about to do. I had three stores that I had to go to and no matter what I had to go to all three. That added to the whole thrill. I got to the first store with no issue. No rain or anything like that. My shorts were just a little on the transparent side to begin with. So there was a little danger just wearing them while they were dry. While I was in the first store I could hear thunder. It had been thundering all day but this was getting loud. I shouldn't admit this but the thought of it raining was giving me a panic attack. The danger of it happening was thrilling but the reality of it happening was anything but thrilling. I won't lie I stayed in the store waiting for it to quit. After about thirty minutes I realized that it may never stop. I paid for my stuff and ran to my car as fast as I could. Didn't matter I was soaked. I still had two more stores to go to. I wanted to just go home but I had made myself a promise to go to all three stores no matter what happened. I had no jacket or anything to keep the rain off of me. Another problem I had not counted on was that it was really cold rain and I was shivering. I could see that my worst fear was true. The light shorts were totally transparent. It took everything I had to go into the second store. It was still raining but that didn't really matter because I was already soaked. Like I have said before knowing that my shorts are a little see-through is a turn on. Knowing that they are totally see-through is enough to make my heart stop. I wasn't the only one that noticed the transparency. I was getting some really shocked looks. Then I noticed that I kept bumping into these same three girls. I was keeping my shopping cart close and trying to hide behind it. I started to wonder if these girls were following me. I eventually discovered that two of them were. That one girl just seemed lost or something. There is something that comes over me when I realize that I have an audience. I become less shy and more out going. I was making sure that the girls were getting a good view of what ever they wanted to see. I did feel a little like a ****. lol After I had gathered everything I came for I was standing in line waiting to pay. I use the self checkout. I was actually minding my own business when this girl came over to me and asked me to help her. Her problem was that she was trying to buy beer and you have to have someone that works there make sure that you are old enough. I waited there with her until some one came to help her. We were just chit chatting. Then one of the best looking women I have ever seen came up. She worked at the store. OMG she had jet black hair and the tightest jeans I have ever seen. I forgot all about how I was dressed and was focused on this beauty. She got the girl sorted out and now it was just me and her. I was trying as hard as I could to strike up a conversation. But she was a little preoccupied it seemed. Then out of the blue she said that it didn't look like I had planed on the type of weather we were having. With that a little chuckle came. I snapped back to reality and was immediately blushing. I came up with some lame story about going to the gym and just needing a few things at the store. The good news is that my shorts had dried some. The bad news is that I was sporting a chubby. I could tell that she was trying not to look at it which was good because I really needed to reposition it. The darn thing was pointing straight out because my shorts were so clingy. It was really embarrassing. I wanted to leave but I also wanted her number. I stayed long enough to get her email address. Big thumbs up. Yeah. I had spent what seemed a life time out that day and still had one more store to go. It was still raining but while I was in the last store the panic that I had been feeling was replaced by the thrill of what I had done and was still doing. I have to admit that I was getting really really turned on. I had an erection for so long that I was starting to get blue balls. All I could think about was how exposed I was and how much I wanted people to see me. It was a really strange combo. I don't like to get like that because I do stupid things. I noticed a couple of girls checking me out. All I could think about then was how easy it would be for either one of them to have what ever they wanted from me. I have to admit that when a girl is looking at the front of my shorts and I am as turned on as I was I would let them do what ever they wanted to me. And they weren't all that great looking. I was hoping that they wouldn't come over to me because I was in no shape to be talking to them. I literally only wanted to talk about sex. So when one of them did come over I was afraid of what I might say or do. She was a sweet girl all she wanted was to tell me that I may want to wear something under my shorts because they were a little see-through. I felt like a raging perv. But she was the one who kept looking at me. I said oh my goodness I had no idea and tried to play that card. Now we were all three looking at me. I'm not proud of this but I did it any way. There is this thing you can do when you wear spandex and have an erection. You can move your hips just right and your erection slides up and down against the spandex. It feels really good in wet spandex evidently. And it attracts a lot of attention. That was something I did not need in the state of mind I was in. They were watching the show I was putting on and I was getting even more turned on. This simulated sex that I was having was starting to backfire on me. If I kept it up I could tell that I was going to *********. Once again reality came over me and the panic was back. I don't know who was more stunned. Them over what they were seeing or me over what they had just seen. You never know how someone takes things. Thank goodness that they liked what they had seen. Or at least weren't so repulsed that they stopped looking. I finished talking to them. Got both of their numbers. Yeah twice. I had to leave at that point. I only forgot to pick up one thing in that store. Oddly enough it was under wear that I forgot to get. I do wear undies sometimes. lol When I finally did get home I had the most amazing time. I was really happy that everything turned out like it did. I was able to have one of the most epic times I have ever had while pleasuring myself. There is just something about holding an erection that so many people had seen only a short time before. I usually wear spandex to show off my butt. The only reason I don't wear anything under them is because that was the way I started off wearing spandex. If I wear even a thong under my shorts I get no thrill what so ever. Evidently totally sheer spandex and no undies is the ultimate thrill. lol Sorry to go on for so long. I don't think I will make a habit out of wearing white shorts in the rain but who knows. LOL
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I have to say like the post about spandex i have had some wild times in spandex one time and this happen for real i had a pair of grey spandex and i was in my bedroom and my shades was up and so any one that walk by could see me well the day went i bule balls well i sure had that all day long till about 4 pm then these 3 young ladys walk right by i saw them comeing so i stood there i had supper hard on one of the young ladys was looking at me could not get her eyes of me then about 2 to 5 min i lost it and could not hold back the young ladys was gone i shut my shades and then lost it i let go i shoot out and did not have time to pull my spandex down or any thing all my front was just white stuff all over just the amount of how much came out that is what got me