The Good Side

I wrote a story called over thinking. I just had to ad this follow up to that story. I was caught in a heavy downpour over the weekend. The problem was that I was wearing a really thin pair of white spandex. I went to three stores and basically showed my *** literally. The good news was that I got two phone numbers and one email address while I was out. The email address belonged to the one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I haven't worked up the guts to see if it is a real email or not. But I did call one of the phone numbers. It was a valid phone number and more importantly it was the phone number of the girl I thought I was calling. Yeah. I was so busy thinking that it was a fake number that I nearly missed the hello. After a really stupid recovery I managed to find out that this was the redhead that I met yesterday. I will admit that she is no beauty but she has a rocking body. Her arms alone are worth a look. We had spoke briefly yesterday. I noticed that she was checking me out and put on this ridiculous show for her and her friend who turns out to be her sister. She is equally well built and also no beauty. They had no makeup on and that could explain why they looked that way. I am getting way off the point here. Sorry. Believe it or not the girl I talked to remembered me. LOL She was amazed at what I wore. My little show left a lasting impression. Here is the reason I am writing this. I ended up really enjoying what I did yesterday. My biggest concern was that I had offended this girl and the girl she was with. I did go out of my way to put on a show for them. At the time I would have done most anything. I was that far gone. She wanted to know if I meant what I did. Not sure how to answer that I said yes. Yes was the right answer. It beats the hell out of I had a twitch or spasm evidently. What I learned talking to her was wonderful. Thank goodness girls have more restraint than guys. She was happy just seeing me. As I have always suspected girls like to see a nice but on a guy. She felt uncomfortable looking at the front of my shorts. She said it was like a little to much information. After she noticed that I wanted her to look she became more comfortable seeing what I had. I am really happy I took my time putting on the show. Talking to her about what I did that day was even more exhilarating than doing it. I didn't have the panic of being nearly naked in public while I was talking to her. I did confess to her how I felt while she was looking at me. If I would have known how she felt watching me I would have put on much more of a show. The down side is that I am going to meet her again. The reason I say that is because she has a damned good idea of how I look naked. The only thing I know about her is that she has a great *** in jeans and how she looks without makeup. Some girls I know would rather be naked instead of be without makeup. So we may be on equal footing here. LOL BTW the girl that was with her, her sister had a great *** as well. The thing I remember about her is that she had really big boobs. Her and her enormous boobs will be there when I meet her sister. I have had such a great day so far.
Spandexblue Spandexblue
26-30, M
May 21, 2012