I Have Been Wearing Spandex More Than Ever.

There is at best only two more months before it will be to cold to wear spandex here. For some reason this has been my favorite spandex season ever. A lot of it has to do with having more confidence. Some times I get so excited about wearing spandex that I wear things that I know I shouldn't. Really light colors have been my weakness in the past. Wearing shorts that I know people can see right through is a thrill. At the same time its hard to be comfortable when I know how much I am showing. I always tell people only wear what you are comfortable wearing. The truth is that I am comfortable wearing white spandex. I would wear it everyday if it were not for one thing. The dreaded nervous erection. In darker shorts it doesn't matter if you have undies on or not. You can still tell there is an erection there. In lighter colors, especially white not only can you tell it's there. You can plainly see it. I think staying with the darker colors and having a selection of different brands has helped. I still prefer the thinest spandex I can find but it is nice to change things up here and there. I still wear white and other light colors around the house and I will make a quick trip to the store in them. For all day shopping trips and things like that I stay with shorts that I am comfortable in. Another thing that has helped is that I broke up with my nymphomaniac girl friend. She had the idea that she could stick her hands down my shorts and grope me any time she wanted. I didn't like her having that idea but I did little to stop her. She knew me a little to well for my own good. She knew that I got turned on wearing spandex. She also knew that a guy who is turned on offers little resistance. It was an unhealthy cycle really. I do miss wearing spandex for her. She would get involved with picking out what I wore and giving me complements. I guess she massaged my ego. But I couldn't be comfortable wondering what, when or where she might strike. I still do wear stupid things. The most recent stupid thing is quite funny. NOW I had this pair of shorts. I wont call them spandex because they were more fishnet than anything. From the side they just looked like fishnet shorts. In the front they just has a small patch of black barley big enough to cover my front bits. The back was a really narrow patch running up the seam. My friend was having a pool party and I felt like wearing those shorts. In my mind the covered as much as a thong. Long story short. Have you ever seen a girl with big boobs trying to keep her boobs in a small bikini top? Well the more I walked the smaller the little patch in the front got. It was like everything gravitated to the crotch. Things that were supposed to be covered were not. So much so that there were parts that got irritated by the fishnet. I did no feel the sexy. lol Like I said there are two more months. Who knows what kind of hair brained, stupid or ignorant things I could pull in that time. Oh by the way. At my friends party I did just let things ride where they wanted. I had no idea how much fishnet could mess with my little meat and potatoes. Mostly the little meat part. So much so that I threw that pair of shorts away as soon as I could.
Spandexblue Spandexblue
26-30, M
Sep 5, 2012