The Unexpected

I am a normal person and as such not everything I do is great. Sometimes things just go wrong. This is a case of things that went really wrong. Any one that has read any of my stories knows that I wear spandex because I get a thrill from it. If I am lucky I get turned on by doing it. This was what happened last week end. I hadn't worn spandex in nearly a week and I was traveling. I was in a new city and getting stir crazy sitting in my hotel room. I had taken several pair of spandex shorts with me on the trip but never had time to wear any. 5 am comes awfully early and conferences lasted way in to the evening. I was beat by the time I got back to the hotel. I stayed two extra days just so I could get a chance to see the town. Saturday morning I woke up at 5 am with no alarm or wake up call. There was nothing else to do but go for a jog. Not jogging for a week had caught up to me. I got winded way faster than normal. 6 miles was my goal but after 2 I turned around and headed back. Still nothing was open. I spent an hour picking out the outfit I wanted to wear to the mall. Against my better judgment I chose to wear a really light color pair of spandex. I won't lie. I knew that they were a little on the transparent side. I knew that because I saw them in the mirror. Like I said I spent an hour. lol I psyched myself up and just went for it. When I got to the mall I was awestruck. It was the biggest mall I had ever seen. I got there just after it opened so there wasn't a lot of people. By 11am it was busy. The longer I was there the more thrilling my experience became. I became aroused and stayed that way for so long that I began to have blue balls and my erection hurt. As I walked along my spandex was rubbing me in such a way that it was pleasurable. I remember thinking to myself that it would be my little secret. Everyone wouldn't know how much I was enjoying myself. I was in this store looking at jewelry. Being helped by this really attractive lady. Every time she got something out for me to look at she stooped down and she looked right threw the glass counter at the front of my shorts. This may sound bad but when I noticed her doing that I gave her something to watch. I slightly rocked my pelvis back and forth. Kind of a simulated sexual act. The spandex was sliding over my erection in an up and down motion. It felt really good. So good in fact that I kept doing it even when she wasn't looking. That turned out to be a really bad idea. The problem was that not only did it feel good it was doing more than I was aware of. It wasn't just simulating a sexual thing it was becoming a sexual thing. I was just to stupid to realize it. All of the sudden things started tingling. By the time I realized what was happening it was to late. You guessed it I jizzed right there in the store. To make things worse I wasn't wearing a long shirt tucked in. I was wearing a waist length shirt no form of underwear not even socks. This was without doubt the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to me. I don't know if anyone saw it happen. I really hope no one did. The only thing I had was a drink in my hand. I thought quickly and squeezed my cup which sent 32 ounces of ice and coke all over me. It was a sacrifice I was happy to make. The good news is that it covered the **** spot. The bad news is it was cold and made my shorts completely transparent. I wanted to die. The funny thing about that whole thing is this. I have a rule that I follow when I wear spandex. The reason I don't wear a long shirt tucked in is because I want what ever happens to happen and bee seen by all. When I made that rule I was thinking the worst thing that could happen was an erection. I knew that if I had some way to cover my erection in public I would. So I never leave the house with any way to cover myself. I think I have became a little to comfortable being erect while wearing spandex. If I learned one thing from this whole experience it would be. Not to be that comfortable. I never expected that to happen and would never set out to do that. I have had people ask me how do I deal with wet spots. I thought they were crazy because it happens so infrequently to me and when it does happen they are so small that they don't last long. It fell neatly under my what happens happens for all to see rule. I will still keep that rule with what ever I wear. "Spandex isn't the most daring thing I wear". But in a crowded mall spandex is the most daring thing I would dare ware. I will remember this can happen to me and hope to never repeat it. By the way I really didn't think I would come but I knew that I was playing with fire. I think if I would have had some way to cover myself I might not have learned my lesson. I might even want to do it again. So in this case having no way to cover myself is a just safer for me.
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I thought I was bad with this lol. It does drive the women crazy though, your lucky to be so young with a lot of years ahead to enjoy teasing the girls. Be careful of the pathetic girly girls though, they hate men like us, we scare them because we aren't following society's rules for men , that means we might not protect and provide for them and they will do anything to stop that.