All Dressed And ******

Iposted an ad as a CD and a picture, I am not at all passable, but I have nice latex mask and chest, with a nice set of 42 DDD **** on it and their soft and pliable, anyway, I got allot of responses, I chose a nice guy that is fit and clean, a closet gay. I made arrangements for him to come to the house, (the wife is a nurse and works nights) she knows about my cross-dressing and we enjoy it sometimes, but not about this, I spend the evening getting ready, shaving and primping, I he shows up!! wow, I let him in, I am dressed in a white baby doll, stockings heels and with a long white sheer robe on, I look very fem, and he can not see my face because of the latex mask, he tells me how pretty I am, and we sit down across from each other in some comfy chairs, and sip a drink, he asks me if I have done this before, I tell him No!! I am not that type of gurl, he likes that, he asks me if he could take charge, I tell him "please do" .

That's when it got fun, he told me to "stand up"! I took a long last drink from my glass and got up, he told me to dance for him, I closed my eyes and started listening to the music, I opened my robe and let the tie fall to the sides, it opened, he told me how beautiful i was, he got up and put his hands on my hips, I keep moving, he leaned in an kissed me putting his arm around my back and grabbing my ***, he kissed me very deeply, I really liked it, he pulled me in very close, I could feel his hard ****, I asked him if I could suck his ****,, he told me "you will" but not yet, he spun me around and kissed my neck, and felt me up, I started to get hard myself, he liked that, he kissed me and grabbed my **** and firmly squeezed, I swear my *** was getting wet, I could feel his hard **** and it is very nice about the same size as mine, 7 inches and 1.5 round, kind of a pretty ****. he slid my robe off and pulled my hair back, and whispered in my ear ( you have a beautiful little tight ***) I dropped to me knees and undid his pants dropping them to his feet, i reached in his opening of his boxers and let that beautiful **** out, I asked him to sit down, he did and I rubbed that **** in my hands for a minute or two then I licked it from the balls to the head, he moaned, then i kind of squeezed his balls in my hands and licked it again, i just keep licking it, then I went down in it slowly, tightly sliding it in my warm, wet mouth, I could taste pre-***, I slowly keep deep throatting it, sucking kind of hard, he moaned loud, I stopped and asked him to slide back on the bed, he did and I crawled up on top of him, straddling him, I reached behind me and put the head of his **** in my *** and them let my weight down in him, taking it all in WWWOOOWWW!!....*** started coming out of my hard ****, I have never ever felt that sensation before, but i liked it. he held my hands up and I grinded his **** deep in my ***, I cam... wow.. did I *** hard, but I had allot left in me, I lifted my weight up on my knees and he started pumping me fast, I cam again!!! I was being very fem I was moaning and telling him " your going to make me ***.....I'm *******...your making me ***." breathing hard, he told me " you like my **** inside of you" I told him " I do...I do"
I dropped to my side in front fo him...he pulled my leg up and stuffed his **** in me again... I reached back and put my hand on his hip and felt him up. feeling his thrusting hips in my *** and my hands was too much I cam again, he pulled my head back and me harder down on him, he pumped me fast and was great. he did this for like 5 minutes ******* me and feeling me up, telling me how great i ****** and that he loved me telling him i was *******.. then he told me to get up and mix us a drink. I did...Wow..I needed the break, I don't eat for like a day before I do this kind of thing, so I was hungry, I got out some cheese and cut it up for both of us and went back to the bedroom, he was texting.. but laying back on the bed... his **** had kind of gone soft a little. he told me he had another hour.. we sat and drank our cocktail and eat the cheese. he told me he had a beautiful wife and two great kids. loved them completely, I told him that was great. I put the drink down and climbed on the bed between his legs and stroked his **** with some warm lube, I and asked him to **** me missionary style... he like that idea...he got up and I layed back and put a pillow under my ***.. he slowly kissed my stockings and then put my **** in his mouth and softly sucked on it for a minute, it felt great very warm and sexy.. then he kissed my belly. then he sucked on my ****, I could feel his **** on my **** that was very sexy. I raised my legs up high and wrapped them around him, I could feel the head of his **** pocking around my ***, then he put his weight on me and kissed me, with his toung in my mouth he slide his **** in me all the way, I this is some of the best sex I have ever had!!! with his weight on me he ****** me...and ****** me.. I screamed...I really screamed. "I Love your ****... I am going to *** again. your making me *** again.." I had *** coming out of my soft ****, he put his arms under my back and his hands on my shoulders. like on his elbows. kissing me and ******* me.. he slowed down and relaxed a little sucking on my tittys, I felt great, just letting my partner **** me...I keep up moaning and telling him how good he made me feel, after like 10 minutes of lovemaking ( and that was what it was) I really felt wonderful...he told me to get up on all fours...he got up and I slowly rolled up on my knees...felling kind of dizzy...I put my head in a pillow and on my elbow ..he spread my knees apart till my *** was the right height.. I asked him " *** in me...*** deep in me" ... he lubed up and my ***...he grabbed my hips and held his **** in his hand and started putting the head in...then taking it out...I loved it. he did this like 10 times, then when I was screaming for him to **** me...he drove it all the way again...I cam again...screaming in pillow..."**** me...**** me...I love you ****..." he pulled me back hard and I could feel his balls slamming my balls...but he keep ******* me...but i could feel him tensing up....he told me he was going to *** in me....I could really feel his **** get thicker, then the pumping of his *** in me...he bucked and pumped, then I could feel his grip loosening, and his body go loose, he slaped my *** cheek and told me I was the best **** he has had in a long time... he got up jumped in the shower...raised off, with no soap.. I just rolled over on my back.. he dried off, got dressed...came over and kissed me again..cuping my breast in his right hand, then said " with the mask and ****..and how you acted I really got turned on and thought I was really ******* a woman" I responded with a "Thank You" with that he let himself out... I fell a sleep...completely in bliss.
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Mar 14, 2013