The Strappier And The Higher The Heels The Better

 i have loved the feel of high and strappy heels on my feet and nylon stockings on my legs since the time an elder female cousin dressed me in her clothes one rainy weekend.  I was only 11 years of age at the time and she was 17.  i had a tremendous crush on her so much so that i was quite happy to be dressed in her clothes if it meant i could be with her.  As she dressed me in her clothes, including stockings and suspenders, the feel of the nylon on my legs was incredibly arousing fro me and as i slipped into her stiletto heeled sling back sandals i felt wonderful.  Once in bra, blouse and skirt there was no going back and i have been an avid cross-dresser and sissy ever since.  However, i will never forget the first erotic sensation of the stockings and heels and wear both regularly to this day, some 47 years on.  i love strappy heels with ankle straps for the bondage like pull on my ankles as i walk in them and the way they make me take shorter mincing steps.  Add to that the pull also on the suspenders and the feel of my legs through shear stockings and i am in 7th heaven.  For me the higher and strappier the heels and the sheerer the stockings, the better my legs look and feel.

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4 Responses Feb 1, 2010

Yes, heels are great and so is the rest of the clothes I wear.<br />
The perfect heel hight for me is 4 to 4 1/2 in, I did try 5 in but found it very silly and useless to walk in. Not very sexy for me at all.<br />
<br />
All up a wonderful experience being a sexy girl.

You look, as sexy as you write, darling.<br />

you sum up the wonderful feeing of being a young sissy in girls clothing so well, darling, the sensual excitment of wearing sheer stockings for the first time & the arousing feeling silk against skin.....very nicely done. i also had a similar experience when very young, i even loved the way her clothes smelled, i have continued to crossdress for my entire life, as well, and still get as much pleasure from it as when i first dressed.....great story, love & hugs, tessa

i love strappy heels, none of my pairs are under four inches