My Awakening To Pantyhose, Legs, Feet, Heels, And Worship

Ever since I was young, I have loved long sexy smooth legs

and pantyhose. I have a female cousin who used to have me

rub her feet and legs when I was younger. She is about 5 years

older than me, and just gorgeous. I don't think I can

ever remember seeing her without pantyhose or stockings

on. I remember one time she came to visit when I was about

15. I was lying on my bed taking a nap, and she came and lay

down beside me only with her feet up by my face and her head

by my feet. I was pretty tired, so I did not wake up when she

got into bed. I guess she started sticking her pantyhose

foot under my nose, and tickling my lips with her toes. The

smell was intoxicating. I thought I was just dreaming it

all. I guess in my dreamy state, I stuck my tongue out and

instinctively started licking her toes. By the time I fully

awoke, I had her toes in my mouth and was sucking them and

bathing them with my tongue. That is when I realized that

I was rubbing my penis through my shorts. I looked at my cousin,

and her face was flushed, and she was breathing heavily.

I was scared, but too aroused to stop. When she didn't

pull her foot away, I kept right on sucking her toes. She

moved my hand from my penis, and replaced it with her other

foot. As her toes wrapped around my stiff penis, I caressed

her calves, and licked and sucked her toes like a boy possessed.

It didn't take long for her to bring me to my first ******

ever. I made such a mess in my shorts. After I had calmed down

a little, she just got up kissed me on the forehead, and left

the room. I had almost convinced myself it had never happened,

until the next night, when all the grown ups went away for

the weekend and left us home alone. I had been at football

practice when everyone left. When I walked in the door,

there was my cousin lying on the couch covered by a short

robe. I could see that she had pantyhose on, and my penis

instantly got hard. I couldn't stop staring at her

beautiful legs. She brought me sharply out of my gaze, by

telling me to get undressed. I didn't know what to say.

When I didn't answer, she reached up and twisted my

nipple hard. I screamed, but still didn't answer.

She grabbed my penis through my shorts, and squeezed real

hard. I didn't know what else to do, so I started removing

my shirt, then undoing my shorts. Once I unzipped my shorts,

she released her grasp on my penis, and let my shorts fall

to the floor. She said now that's a good boy. I asked

her what was going on, and she said that unless I did exactly

what she told me to, she would tell our parents that I had

taken advantage of her the other night. She then produced

my *** stained underwear and shorts from underneath the

cushion. I tried to explain that I had been asleep, and it

was all a misunderstanding. She just laughed and squeezed

my balls hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. I said that

I would do anything, if she would not tell anyone about me

sucking her toes, or creaming my shorts. She led me by my

**** to the bathroom, where she had drawn me a tub of bath

water. I got in, and she sat on the edge of the tub and bathed

me like you would a small child or a pet. She had me shave my

entire body free of hair except my head. Afterwards, she

rubbed lotion all over my body, which drove me to the brink

of ******. Every time that I would get close to *******,

she would smack the head of my **** hard. Then she led me into

the bedroom, where she had laid some clothes on the bed.

She said I have always known that you liked my pantyhose,

now you are going to wear them. I protested, but she shoved

me back onto the bed. She said now get dressed slave or I will

tell everyone about your accident. I slowly pulled the

pantyhose on my shaven legs. The feel was like electricity

shooting through my body. My rigid **** stretched the pantyhose.

My cousin said that will never do. She placed an ice-cold

washcloth around my penis, which immediately shriveled.

She then placed a ring around the base that had a strap on

it. She pulled my **** between my legs with great force.

She then placed a leather collar around my neck with little

o-rings on it. She pulled the strap up between my *** cheeks,

and buckled it to the back of the collar. It hurt, and I mean

bad. I pulled my pantyhose up, and then she dressed me in

a short red skirt, and gave me a pair of her heels to wear.

Next, she put one of her bras on me, and stuffed it with socks.

She completed my outfit by giving me a black silk blouse

to wear. I was scared, and my penis really hurt. I thought

this might be the end of her fun, but I was sadly mistaken.

She then set me down in a chair, and secured my hands and feet

to it with some more pantyhose. I begged her to set me free,

but she just laughed, and said; "Now what kind of girl

gets all dressed up, and doesn't wear make-up. I tried

to struggle, but she slapped my face, and shoved a pair of

her panties in my mouth. Then she proceeded to apply make-up

to my face. The whole time, she was talking to me, telling

me what a pretty little girl I made, and didn't my new

clothes feel good on my freshly shaved body. By this time,

I was so shocked and turned on by what was happening, that

I didn't even struggle when she applied the lipstick

to my lips. Satisfied with her work, she walked out of the

room. I was scared that she was just going to leave me there

for everyone to find when they came home. I was relieved

when she came back in, but only for a second. She pulled out

a Polaroid camera, and started taking pictures of me. I

struggled to get away, and hide my face. She pulled the strap

connecting my **** and my neck. I straightened up. She said

that if I ever told anyone, or didn't do exactly as she

told me; she would show everyone at my school the pictures.

I agreed that I would be her slave. She knocked my chair over

making me even more helpless. Then she sat on the bed facing

me. She asked me if I liked the way her legs looked. I nodded

yes. She pulled her robe up so that I could see the tops of

her thighs. Then she took off her slippers, and placed her

feet on my face. She instructed me to sniff them. The smell

was so intoxicating. She asked if I liked the smell, and

would like to taste them. I couldn't help myself, my

head was shaking yes all by itself. My cousin told me to stick

my tongue out, and she would rub her foot across it, but I

was not allowed to move it or try to suck her toes. I parted

my lips, and she brushed my tongue with her foot. I could

not help myself; I instinctively sucked her toe into my

mouth. She immediately pulled it back, and smothered my

face with both feet. I couldn't breathe at all, and

the more I trashed about to get away, the more the strap pulled

at my aching ****. When she finally removed her feet, I gasped

for air. I knew then that I was completely at her mercy. I

told her that I gave in, and would do anything she told me

to. She made me say that I was her little pantyhose ****,

and that I belonged to her from that day on. Then she made

me beg to be untied, which I did with much honesty and haste.

My cousin, my new owner, sat on the bed and spread her legs.

I could see her ***** through her pantyhose, and there was

a big wet spot seeping through. She had me kneel in front

of her between her legs. She then told me that if I could get

her off, without taking her pantyhose off, I would be rewarded

for my efforts. If I could not, I would be punished without

mercy. I started by kissing her feet ever so softly, and

then started to lick and suck on her arches. I bathed every

inch of her lovely feet with my tongue as my hands rubbed

and caressed her legs. She took more pics of me while I did

my best to please her. She asked me if I had ever licked *****

before, and I replied that I had not. She scooted to the edge

of the bed, and when I looked up, her pantyhose covered *****

was just inches from my face. Her scent was sweet, and the

more I smelled it, the more I felt drunk. She pulled my face

closer, so I could feel her wetness against my lips. She

told me to stick out my tongue and taste my first *****. I

couldn't help myself; I mashed my face into her wetness,

and licked for all I was worth. She pushed me back, and slapped

my face. She then told me she was going to show me the right

way to lick *****. She grabbed me by the hair, and pulled

me up close to her *****. My sexy new Mistress had me just

stick out my tongue as she used my face like a sex toy. She

rubbed my face against her ***** up and down, when my face

neared her ****, she instructed me to suck and lick at the

same time. As I got better at pleasing her, her grip on my

hair was released, and she started to rub and pinch her nipples.

I heard her moaning, and her breathing quicken. I knew she

must be close to *******. She told me to use my fingers to

spread her ***** wide so I could have better access to her

****. When I sucked her **** into my mouth, and ran my tongue

across it, her legs clamped down on my head like a vise. She

started screaming, and cursing. Her whole body began to

shake, and I thought she would break my neck. Every time

another wave hit her, it would feel like she was going to

squeeze my head until it popped, which in turn pulled the

strap attached to my aching ****. When her ******* finally

subsided, she told me what a good little pantyhose ****

I had been, and that now I would be rewarded like the ****

that I was. She stood me up, and unbuckled the strap from

the back of my neck. I thought she was going to release me,

but she yanked on my ****, and pushed me on the bed on my back.

She shortened the strap, and attached it to the front of

my collar. This made me raise my hips and my head so that I

would not pull my **** off. She then tied my hands to the head

of the bed, and my ankles to the footboard. After I was completely

secured, she covered my eyes with a scarf so I couldn't

see. Now, I was really scared. I heard her taking pictures,

all the time telling me how sexy I looked, and how much everyone

would laugh if they ever saw the pictures. Then she got very

quiet for a minute, I think she may have left the room. She

walked back in, and asked me if I was ready for my reward.

She told me to beg her for it. As I was begging to be rewarded,

I felt her climb on the bed. She ran her soft hands all over

my body. I was in heaven. I realized she had taken off her

clothes when she lay on top of me and rubbed her sexy body

up and down mine. She asked if I wanted to ****, and I begged

her to **** me. The next thing I know, she is sitting on my

chest, and I feel something rubbery touch my lips. She told

me that if I wanted her to **** me, that was exactly what I

was going to get. She told me to open my mouth, so I did. She

eased what felt like a **** into my mouth. I tried to close

my mouth, but she just pushed harder, and held my nose closed

so I had to open my mouth to breathe. She told me to relax,

that it wasn't real; she just wanted me to get it wet

for her. She held my head with one hand, and ****** my mouth

with the vibrator in her other. I gagged at first, but soon

became used to it. I couldn't believe that she was making

me suck this fake ****. She rubbed her ***** on my chest,

and ****** my face with her big rubber ****. She was talking

dirty to me the whole time, telling me how hot I looked, and

what a good slave I was being. Then she pulled the **** out

of my mouth with a pop. I felt her turn around so she was facing

away from me. She slowly lowered her ***** and *** onto my

face. She told me to lick her *******. I was so horny by that

point, that I would do anything for her. That is when she

squirted something on my *******. It was slippery and cold.

Then she started rubbing that big **** against my *******.

I was scared, and I was completely at my cousin’s mercy.

As I licked her *** and *****, she started pressing the ****

into my ***. It hurt so badly at first, but I found myself

becoming more and more turned on by it. She was telling me

what a good little pantyhose **** I was, and how wet it made

her to **** my virgin ***. I could tell how hot it made her,

because the juice from her ***** was almost drowning me.

I could feel the pressure building inside of me, but with

the ring on my ****, there was no way I could get off. I heard

the camera click, and knew that she was taking pics of me

with the fake **** in my ***. I was screwed literally. She

had a couple of *******. I am not sure if they were from my

tongue, or from the feeling of power she had over me. She

asked me if I wanted to ***. I begged her please. She pulled

the blindfold off of my eyes and said that she wanted me to

see how happy it made her to **** my virgin ***. Then she untied

my hands and feet. I was hers now, and there was no going back.

She put my shaking legs up over her shoulders as she held

the fake **** in her hand and ****** me silly with it. I begged

her to let me ***, and she made me swear that I was her little

pantyhose ****, and my *** belonged to her. She let me remove

the ring from my ****. She pumped my *** like a woman possessed,

and I begged her to let me ***. She used her free hand and grabbed

my ****. She only had to pump a couple of times before I exploded

like a volcano. She had great aim, because my own *** splattered

against my face. She screamed as she reached ****** too.

My whole body shook as I realized that I now belonged to her.

She wasted no time as she climbed on my face and ground her

***** into my *** covered face. Her *** and mine mixed together,

and she made me lick up every drop. Only afterwards, did

she kiss me sweetly on the lips, and tell me that I was a very

good slave. She held me for a while, and told me the rules

of how our relationship would be from that day forth. Afterwards,

she had me give her a bath, and dress her. For the rest of the

weekend, I was her willing slave. She has always let me serve

her whenever we got to see each other even after her family

had moved away. I even went and spent a summer with her while

she was attending college. There she made me serve her and

a couple of her friends. She may still have all the pics that

she took that weekend, but as far as I know, she has never

shown them to anyone. My cousin was my first Mistress, and

she taught me a lot. I would go and serve her now if she asked

me too.

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wow- she sounds kinda hard on you - I'm , well I would be nicer then she is to you... sd

I would so love to meet your cousin!!! What a fabulous, delicious story...