Formal Is My Normal

Ever since I was 6 it has always been this way for me. I wasn't a kid that would bite off my arm when my parents pulled me to the formalwear isle, in fact I dragged them! I wasn't lucky like some, my school dress code(No uniform, casual). When I read the stories about those who had to wear one every day while they grew up I was green with envy! I guess what I'm trying to say is this, I love wearing suits and I love seeing others dress this way. To me formal is the ONLY way of dressing. In my house growing up no one forced or even pushed me..I just decided myself that I'm tired of wearing T-shirts and jeans, I want to be more classy and a little different. Suits and ties? YES! to me Formal is my Normal, every moment I can be looking smart I will be. I can't understand those people who hate it..I can't find ONE problem with dressing well. As a kid I thought I was the only one,but this never dulled my passion for dressing sharp. I never really knew why I liked still do.I guess it's the feeling or the confidence boost or maybe just the overall class and sophistication of wearing a suit, dress shirt, buisness shoes, and tie. I hope that someday everyone will know the sensation.
FormalFiend FormalFiend
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

You're not the only one who prefers it! I do dress up as much as possible. I own six tuxedos and a tail suit and while they might not see daily action, I can guarantee you that the almost 200 bow ties (my guess!) and my French Cuff dress shirts (many of them white!) do see much action. I have always felt that dressing up speaks more than looking like a slob. While I will wear that kind of material working around the house (and I did wear it on the job for 15 summers), I cringe at times if I can't be dressed up in a proper shirt and bow tie. The confidence once gains from the act fully makes it an excellent thing.

There's just something about being suited up that can't be matched by any other outfit. That confidence is undeniable and impossible to replicate.