Yes, I Know It's 2009

I'm wearing one of my Grateful Dead t-shirts that's almost threadbare and patched, and even though it's old and has holes, it's one of my most favorite shirts.  I have had some really good times wearing this shirt.  I bought it on the beach in Panama City back in the '90s, and I've worn it to the Blowout in Gulfport and to quite a few concerts.  It's my official Hurricane T-shirt - I put it on whenever a storm has entered the Gulf and has taken its aim at south Louisiana.  It's heavy cotton, so it's warm enough when the rain is falling, and it's extra large so the sleeves hang real low. I wear it as the cover up for my bathing suit at the pool, and it's perfect to sleep in with just a pair of panties under it. 

That's my favorite shirt, but I have quite a few other tiedyed tees, and any day that I put one on gets a little better.  When I'm wearing tiedye, I don't have to stress quite as much.  There's a vibe to tiedye, and it's all about peace and love.  It's downright groovy, man, and when I've got my tiedye on, don't bring your hassles to me.  It's the perfect anti-uniform!  I wish I had a job where I could wear tiedye every day.  Fresh, clean psychadelic t-shirts for every day of the week.  Maybe I could even start a movement!

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

The most comfortable clothes came from the 60' & 70's and I still wear them. I have a lot of tiedye items along with angel sleeved blouses and peasant shirts - ah yes, comfort :)

I simply love mine. Too heck with what anyone thinks of them.