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Tight Girdles Are Wonderful

I just love really firm TIGHT girdles.  I like it when I can just barely get them on.

Some of my favorites are my custom maid 162 that is tailored especially for men or slim hipped women.  It caresses me when i have it on.  I also like my Va Bien Hi waist LLPG. it is so tight i have to wear one size larger than my other girdles.  It is simply amazing and i feel SO SO SEXY when I am wearing it and run my hands over the satin fabric.  My wife likes running her hands over it too.  She likes it better if i let my package pr0trude through the split crotch, rather than having it confined.

I also like my  Rago 1294.  It is one size too small, but that is what makes it so great.  It had to be, because it is cut for a womans proportions and when i tried on the correct size it was looos in the hips.  It takes ten minutes to get on and the hooks and zipper closed, but THEN  IT is PURE heaven. It is so tight I can only take small steps. I have to put on my nylons first and then fasten them. The feeling of wearing it is just divine!!  I cannot even take deep breaths. If you have not worn  agirdle this tight you have not known the ecstacy!!!!-

Of course the girdle I wear the most is my  Rago 6209 Shapette LLPG. It firms me and hugs me and still lets me have a little more ability to bend for everyday wear.  Soon I may be able to wear it every day!! (as wife adjusts to my girdle desires)

Sometimes i wear my girdles with stockings and sometimes with tights, since wife loves me in tights (PH)

Hope you all enjoy your girdles as much as I do!!

Kisses, Gigi

sweetGigi sweetGigi 61-65, M 4 Responses Apr 21, 2010

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I am start to wear a girdle this Friday, doctors reccommendation, hope it will feel right for me.<br />

hope so too!! What style did the doctor recommend!?

you are lucky that your wife understand you like girdles i wear a girdle to bed

Sounds as if you are really enjoying your girdles. I can only imagine how great you look and feel in them. I remember back in the 60's when most girls and women wore them all the time. They looked wonderful in them.

GiGi you are very lucky to have an understanding wife,