I Love Wearing It And Now It's On

Tonight I put on my feme under wear after shower. I put all I have on. I got a girdle, waist belt, and a firm suit.
I deeply love this things. As I am a little fat and wanted to seem more femi when I want, beside collect and wearing pantyhose, what's my first and best loved femi undy, I was on my plant to got some girdle and firms and something like that. with thses lovely items, I can keep the wonderful meterials careing my skin but on one would find I on nylon by my legs when I in pants.
Out of anything, tight girdles make me feel sooo goood in my daily life, and make me feel better and healther. I would some day chang all my under wear into this thing if i got the opertunity.
Nuwkov Nuwkov
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

I to am a little fat. Once I started getting a fat stomach I found that my stomach pulled on my lower back. Since interesting enough I found I like being a little fat but I did not lok having lower back pains I decided to locate a professional corsetier and be fitted into a girdle. When I went in for a fitting the corsetier looked and me and she told me it was quite obvious that I needed to be in a very firm tight girdle that would hold and support my stomach. She had to also teach me how to properly put on a girdle by laying on a bed pulling up my legs and leaning way back which pulled my stomach back towards my chest then pull up the girdle and hook up the hooks and eyes and zip myself in. I found that this held and support my fat stomach and once I stood up I was amazed how great I felt , I know longer had to hold in my stomach the girdle did that and I felt and increase in energy and confidence. I now have a very firm flat stomach, and I am very dependent on being girdled and I love it. Since I do like being fat what I like I can be fat and be also be girdled.