Love Girdles.

Tried my first girdle on at age 13. Have loved that feeling ever since. The tighter the better, the more bones the better. Used to love the old ones like one aunt of mine used to wear that had a waist zipper on one side and a leg zipper on the other side. The first time she saw me wearing one was when I was 15 and staying with her for the week. She was so beautiful, she girdled every day, and walked around the house in her girdle and bra. I had the tightest fitting high waisted long leg girdle I could find on, and she couldn't see how I could stand to wear it since it was so tight. Have trouble finding really tight firm girdles anymore.
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I 100 percent agree. A few years ago I was in New York and the woman there put me in a girdle that was just not tight enough. I finally located a professional corsetier that told me to get the most amount of being girdled it is best to go at least 2 sizes smaller. What happens is that if you go too loose the girdle becomes ineffective and will not hold and support your stomach and back. Keep in mind a girdle does stretch. I also agree about the boning - what I found is that the boning over a period time will mold to the shape of you body. It is best to be fitted in a fairly tight firm boned and zippered girdle. Once in this type of girdle it is best to just relax your stomach muscles and let the girdle just do what it was designed for to hold shape and mold your body. You will love how you look and feel once you allow this to happen. Give a few days to a few weeks you will be pleasantly surprised.

To find a tight, well fitted girdle, you are going to have to get an appraisal from a professional. Therefore it needs to be from a broad minded person, a non- critical experienced woman, someone who understands your needs. They are tough to find, a dying breed. I recently bought a Custom Maid 299, about 2 sizes smaller than my waist, 36-32, and it is pleasently tight and firm, but it took a fitting from a professional.<br />

Hi Moyerj, never had to wear one but, find myself in need of one for the first time. Can you give me an idea of where to go to get professionally fitted as the ones in the department stores do not hold enough.

Moonbeam63 Here is a link to a professional corsetiere ask for Edna, I found her very helpful.
I didn't have to wear a girdle either until about 4 years go, once I was fitted in a girdle now I wear one everyday and I love it. Wearing a girdle everyday just becomes part of your daily routine. But it is really important to be properly fitted and consulted by a professional corsetiere there is lots to learn, and well worth it.