New Girdle

I love my new Custom Maid 744!
It is a very firm garment, satin lined, very well constructed.
Garters are placed stratigically.
I had to order it from Shapewear and More/Kathleen and Louise, very customer friendly and helpful.
My favorite Rago "line" is their Diet Minded, love the fabric and the fit it gives.
moyerj moyerj
70+, M
3 Responses Oct 26, 2010

One of the firmest and best made girdles are by Custom Maid. Rago is fine but does not hold up quite as well as Custom Maid. As times when my back really acts up I put on a firm tight girdle and then I lace myself up in a corset. I have found it is best to go fairly tight and with a fair amount of boning to get the most amount out of being girdled.

Very happy, as at my age 70, they are very therapeutic, seem to control low back and hip stiffness, discomfort.<br />
I have dropped about 25 pounds since getting into 12+ hours/day of girdle wearing.<br />
I do love the feel, the energy.<br />

Love the feel of tight girdle. Sounds like you're happy with yours.