New Cortland Obg

I recently purchased a Cortland 6007 Hiwaist OBG. This is a very firm vintage style girdle and wearing it for the first time today with a longline bra. While very firm with panels and boning it is a very comfortable girdle to wear. I am enjoying the support and shaping it provides. I feel so energized and feminine today!
BrigitteB BrigitteB
66-70, T
2 Responses May 29, 2012

I just love wearing really tight pantigirdles - so tight my little cockette is squashed back inside of me - see my pics and you'll see how small i am when i'm flaccid - i can push my cockette inside of me with ease. Other girdles just give a nice femme shape and turn me on - I love corsets and waistcinchers too xxx

I too love my 6008, a garment I don at least weekly, an amazing member of my girdle collection. Counting, I have 12 girdles: aios, hhllpgs, obg, brief styles, but wishing I could have collected and preserved my family's collection, assortment, from mom, grandmother, and aunts! Oh well! I enjoy the vintage construction and yet have 3 "modern" girdles, from Flexees and VaBien. Loving the feel and energy they provide.