How Did It Start

I'm not sure just when it was but I would have been around about 12 when I first tried my mother's girdles. One was so tight that I doubt that she would have been able to wear it herself. OBG with cross over elastic. Years passed & I blushingly purchased a light control panty girdle which I was afraid to wear in case it was seen. Then I met a lovelly shop owner who was used to helping men choose girdles for themselves. She told me that no one would know that I was wearing one. Things progressed till I purchased my first all in one. Sometime earlier my wife saw me with a courier package & asked what it was. I had wanted to confide but didn't know how, so here was the opportunity. I told her the truth about the package & said it was to help my back, partly true at that time but more so now. I like the 'old fashioned' type as they are more controlling. I now have several briefers, girdles & cinchers. My wife accepts what I wear , but true acceptance would be for her to buy some for me.
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Jun 2, 2013