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Wearing Tights Every Day

Hi everybody!

I'm new to ExperienceProject - this is my first posting :-)

I've always been faszinated by woolen tights worn under jeans. But when I was a teenager I was ashamed to wear them and so I refused to put them on. Growing up, also the faszination grew and I wanted to be forced to wear them - but I didn't dare to tell anyone, and the few persons I've told weren't interested in it.

During the years I've become more self-assured and I've started wearing them whenever I like. And it wasn't enough for me to wear only 1 pair of tights: I began to layer them, combine them with leggings, long johns and pantyhose.

In fall 2009, I decided to wear them every day.
Now I can say: I've worn at least 2 layers of long underwear daily for more than 2 years - even in summer, even when it was over 35°C (= 95 F). The hotter, the more "interesting" :-)

I got used to the extra layers. I don't sweat much more than without the long underwear.
I love the warmth, the scratchy feeling of the wool on my legs. I love to know most people would call me mad if they knew :-)

I am happy doing this and will surely continue wearing layers of long underwear for the next years.
Good thing, I've got an office job :-)

Greetings, Chris
Chrisian68 Chrisian68 41-45, M 6 Responses Nov 20, 2011

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I enjoy wearing tights or pantyhose under my jeans...have a pair of sheer black hose under my jeans now.

me too


Schön Chris!

My "joy" is support pantyhose. I wear under, jeans, slacks, flannel pants. Not comfortable to wear with shorts in public. Will wear just t-shirt and hose arond the house. Wife likes it. Pantyhose is the most comfortable mens underwear i have ever had the pleasure to wear. To any man who thinks this is crazy i say dont knock it till you tried it. In my case wearing is believing.

dont u love the feel??

Hi, I also wear layes of tights and long johns under tight jeans 24/7 It would be nice to meet you! thanks