I have literally only told like 5 people of my fetish and almost everyone has been accepting, which is amazing. However, I think it has gotten to the point where it is ruining my sex life. I literally cannot get an erection unless the girl is tied up or wearing tights. What can I do because this has ruined many one night stands. Any advice from anyone? I wish I could give up this stupid fetish and just be normal.
showerpowers showerpowers
22-25, M
3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

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Hiya showerpower! Forget it my friend... EVERYONE has their 'quirks' (more than you imagine). Enjoy your passion for tights, go with the flow... (see my pics).. Lots of girls enjoy 'sex in tights' ..the more you worry, the more obstructive it could be. Dont worry too much. Regards. James.

You cannot just stop it. My advice is to find a permanent partner, I mean a wife, who joins or at least tolerates it.