Every Day.

I wear pantyhose or tights under my clothes every day, no matter what else I am wearing. It feels strange to me to be bare legged anymore. I've been wearing them daily for the last 2+ years, with my wife's approval. She shakes her head sometimes and says, "how do you wear all that?" or something similar.

I don't wear just a single pair either, it's at least 3 layers most of the time, if not more. I always add panties, girdles, spandex shorts, leotards, leggings in some combination as the mood strikes me.

I don't wear the thin, cheap 100% nylon ones either. I prefer the firm or full support kinds with 25-30% spandex content, to keep my legs squeezed in tight compression. I've found that as a side effect that my legs feel better, less aches and pains, since I have been wearing pantyhose regularly.

I wear them with shorts around the house and yard, mostly out of view of others. I love how the layers look on a sunny day. It makes me wish I could wear them openly in public any time I felt like it and not just around Halloween.
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

My Dad used to wear tights (pantyhose) under his workwear, as I found out one winter, when I was a young boy.
I caught him changing for work, and he looked embarrassed. I just thought it funny.
He told me that it was to keep his legs warm, as it was snowing and cold outside...
Also, he asked me not to tell Mum, because she'd tell him off for taking her new tights!
So, I never said a word.
Over the months, even when it wasn't cold, I still managed to spy him, (through a door-hinge), changing into tights, before he went out.
And then, one day, when I was in my teens, and Mum had gone out, he said that he was going to get changed for work. I crept to my bedroom door, looked across to the bathroom, and spied him pulling nylon tights on, yet again. (He obviously thought that I was still sat in my room, and that he could have fun for a while).
But this time, he stopped with them halfway up his legs, and started ************!
He got really hard, and, after a few minutes, ********** into the sink!
From that day onwards I kept my eyes and ears open, in case I encountered any other 'rude' behaviour. But I only ever saw him ************, (although that was frequent, and helped me to develop my technique).
I never did get to find out whether he did anything else (of an 'unconventional' nature).
Maybe I actually inheredited my (bi-)sexual curiosity...