Tights And Boots

I love the look of a knee lenth skirt worn with boots and just a small glimps of black tights in beetween. I think its comftable to wear. And i think its sexy when i see a woman wearing this kind of outfit x
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11 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Yes. is a very sexy

Me too! I love when girls wear that look. And it's my go to outfit when I play on my own. I love boots and tights.

Black tights look so good.

Tights and boots really complement each other. I like ankle boots, which display lots of black pantyhose, but also the combo you mentioned, with just an inch or two of hosed leg between the knee-high boots and the skirt.

I'm sure you looked great

Mmmmmm oh yes I know the look you mean

I like a slightly shorter skirt - just above the knee - just to give a 6 in gap between boots and skirt. Its especially good when the wearer has a well defined calf muscle that cuts in just above the top of the boot and the knee joint.

bet u look good in it too ;)

Yes and it even looks good when a guy dresses like that to.

I like that sober teacher look too!

So true