I Love To Wear Tights

Now that it's gotten cold I can wear tights. I knew this morning after I put on my bra and panties I was going to wear my new tights.  Recently I was shopping and found a good deal at Catherines.  It was black Friday and there was a great sale going on.  For every $50 spent you got $25 in extra dollars.  Lane Bryant does it several times a year.

I had three coupons to spend so went shopping.  I couldn't find what I wanted so bought a few tops and saw the tights on sale buying 2 and getting 1 free.  Combined with the coupon it was a good deal.

Well, today I picked a black pair.  They felt good as I pulled them onto my legs.  They felt really smooth and when I crossd my legs did they feel great.

Since it was really cold I decided to wear corduory pants instead of a dress.  Next time maybe I'll combine the tights with a long denim dress.

Glad I bought a few pairs of tights.  As the humidity drops and the air dries out, your hands can dry out and get really rough, even when using lots of lotion.  Those snags are just bound to happen.
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

How good do they feel

You love the feeling huh

I do.

The tights feel wonderful.

Hey you wanna text you in the usa...

I am

You ever slide on pantyhose really slow

You have to roll them on slowly to prevent snags

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