Panty Punishment 4 Me As A Young Boy.

Starting when I was about 8rs old until about age 18, my mother used to punish me by paddling my naked ***, and then would always make me wear girls panties for hours at a time, for punishment for crying. When I became a teenager I was well aware that this behavior was "inaprpriate", but still allowed it to continue, as I loved the Punishments Mom used to give me. She knew I enjoyed too and used to comment that I would always be her "little girl". I spent many hours parading around in front of her with nothing on but a pair of panties. Today, i am not a "full-fledged" crossdresser, but love to wear a pair of pretty pink or blue lace panties under my jeans or workpants in public. One day at work i bent over, (on purpose), and exposed part of my panties to my female boss by "accident". She laughed at me and asked "are you wearing panties?' I told her that I was and told her the reason y I like 2 wear them is because it reminds me of the great punishments my mother used to give me. My boss now paddles my *** about once a week in her office, and makes me model my panties for her. It makes me feel sooooo good!. Most of the women at work now know that I wear panties, and a few of them often tease me about it. I absolutely love feeling like the office sissy-****!. I have worn panties 4 a long time n will do so in the future. Is there any1 here secretly wants to get caught and humiliated by wearing panties? Please write and let me know any stories u may want to share concning this issue.
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i would love to be cuaght wearing them but not really humiliated. i have had dreams of such and the girl thinks i look rather cute and actually like a lil girl. even down to tryig their makup and their clothes. (the clothes and shoes would be bigger than me or my feet. (you know like a baby playing and d ressing like mommy)