I Love To Wear Womens Silk Panties

Ever since i can remember i have worn womens clothes. But silk panties make me feel all the more feminine. A nice full pair of silk panties with lush silk stockings would make anyone feel feminine. Of course i would only wear these for special occassions like a date, or a night out to the theatre/musical. When i was younger{in my late teens}, i loved going in to the local clothes shops{ladies}, and trying on all the skirts,tops,dresses. I didn't feel embaressed doing this, more excited. In the small cubicle with the curtain drawn, sometimes hoping that someone would notice this teenage boy going in with a dress or skirt in my hands. If they pulled the curtain open, they might catch me in my silk panties. Unfortunately it never happened, so on my way out i would buy either panties or stockings just to see what reaction i would get from the other shoppers and sales assistants.
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

I like wearing SILK FRENCH KNICKERS,matching CAMISOLE and SILK STOCKINGS with white lace tops.<br />
I love the feeling next to the skin.

I like to wear Skirts & Blouse.