Snow White Silk Panties With My Hand Inside But Was Being Watched

I was on my PC wearing just my lace trimmed pure silk white high cut panties and a white nylon slip. A knock on my door so I put on my robe and when I open the door, my next door neighbor had a very wide smile. I knocked on your door and got no answer so i peeked in.... I must say, she said, you really look sexy. I knew I was blushing but I could feel myself so hard. She said she was collecting for a charity and asked if she could come in. Seconds later, she reached out and grasped the tie on my robe. By the way, she is about 38 years old, quite tall and a big girl, not fat but a big beautiful woman. She had on yellow short dress that seemed to hug her every curve. As i moved away, my robe fell open. Now, I am standing a foot from her and she has a full up close view at my slip and the bulge in front. Show me, she said. What? Show me what you were just doing. God, I was so nervous yet hot that I just slipped one hand down the waistband of my slip and into my panties. MMMMmmmm , she cooed. You look so hot doing that dressed like that. May I as she reached under my slip and her warm hand cupped my balls. I culled feel her nails gliding over my panties and it felt like heaven. She then slipped her hand under the lace on my thigh and instantly she held my rock hard member in her hand. I have never seen a man in a slip or panties before as she pulled the slip down and off. She got on her knees and put both hands on my panty *** and her face hard against the front. I could feel her hot breath and seconds later she was kissing me everywhere down there. She stood up again and lifted her dress and took off her gorgeous yellow high cut panties and held them under my nose...... God, my mind was wild with sex...... So you like feeling like a girl do you ? If I hold these here will you fill your panties for me? With that, in seconds I could feel myself erupting inside the silk. The scent of her panties was absolutely and totally over the top. With a big kiss on my lips, she said for me to keep her panties and that next time I would look sexier in pink. I have never told anyone about this, even my wife. My neighbor always gives me a pretty seductive smile every time we meet and I get hard instantly.
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Great experience. My sister-in-law caught me but never said anything. She also gives me one of those looks from time to time.

Great story but she'll be telling your wife about it as soon as you don't do what she wants. Good luck !