Really Wet Panties

I don't know if I'm the only gurl with this desire but here goes. I'd love to be wearing shiny silky rosé print panties and bra with a pink tee shirt and have a guy or guys shoot their load all over my panties. The rear especially but on the front would be lovely to. Of course I'd help bring them to climax so they could soak my panties with their hot loads. I'd like to have this done to me in a pair of my black panties to
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Wish we both would and get and receive loads of fun ***.

Just watching their hot load soaking my panties would put me over the edge!

Maybe you will get to see t. ; )

:) :) Maybe!

Oh gurl I know! Seeing the creamy loads hit my panties would make me giddy

Watching their faces, right before they blow, would make me lose control!

Yes. That moment of intensity as they erupt and the lovely juice shoots forth

They absolutely would be. Seeing all those men ******* off all over me would make me have a girly eruption in my panties

Hey Candi if you were to lose control all over my panties what would your face look like?

I wouldn't know what my face would look like, but my back would be arched, I would raise up to my tippy toes, and grab my breast as I shot my load!!

I love how their lips pucker up and they get that fabulous, Oh God, look in their eyes, right before release!

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that happened to me when i was in school. it's one of my strories from when I was growing up. I was caught in panties and they came in the front and rear and it was so embarassing but has led to me being girly now

I've had this fantasy for a few years now. Me wearing just a tee and panties and letting a guy shoot all over my panties. It's one of those weird desires that makes me hot

in my case they pulled my panties out at the waist and jacked off into them front and rear covering my little clittie and my ***** crack. I was so embarassed

sounds like fun..buncha guys jackin or me helping ooo yeah id do it..:-)

Of course you'd help all those guys. Then their sweet treat would be all over you or us

Great..i know have an even bigger smile...hehe ...thanks :-p

I like you and love the same things you do!!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one

that's REALLY hot!

Thank you. I'd love to really be in the story

omigosh, warm *** running down over, I'm assuming, hardness in your panties, I'm sure we'd add more if that would happen, I know I would!

I know we would soak the inside of our panties while the outsides were getting squirted on