An Understanding Clerk

I'm a straight guy who loves wearing panties. Give me a pair of frilly, lacy panties and I'm a happy guy. I particularly love the classic full cut nylon brief in pink, white, or pastel colors or flower prints and while even plain panties give me a thrill, if you add a lace accent or a pretty satin bow, I go crazy.

 One problem I've always had, though, is procurement. I'm never satisfied with a static collection, I always want to buy more panties, but I've always been painfully shy about going into stores and buying my panties directly. I think it would be easier if I were into more fashionable panties, if I bought thongs or high-cut bikinis it would be much easier to lie and say they were for a girlfriend. But when I'm buying full cut briefs it's hard to imagine that the salesladies wouldn't think that they're for me. I'm always afraid that they'll laugh at me and humiliate me in the store, although this has never actually happened. It's just been very hard for me to deal with this public display of my fetish.

 As it happened, the one time I was "caught", it was quite stimulating. I was in the lingerie department of a mall department store on a quiet day. There was, mercifully, nobody in the department but me and one saleslady, a tall, well-built attractive woman of about forty. I was browsing the racks of panties keeping one eye on the saleslady, who was glancing at me occasionally but not coming over to offer help, which was fine for me.

 I picked out several pairs of silky Vanity Fair briefs, size 8, one in a flower pattern with lace trim, the others in a variety of pastels and took them to the sales counter, bracing myself for the few minutes of embarrassment I typically experience when paying for panties in a store. The saleslady kept watching me with a little smile on her face and a gleam in her eye. She didn't say anything, but by the time she was giving me change, I was convinced she knew I was buying these panties for myself. I was getting more and more nervous.

 Finally, she said in a quiet, playful voice, "Are these for you?" Just like that, asking me flat out. My stomach twisted, my heart beat faster, I broke out in a sweat and started stammering.

 "Well...y-y-yes, they are," I heard myself say. I was inwardly amazed that I had admitted this to this woman whom I didn't know at all. This was a first for me and it had just popped out without me planning it at all.

 "I thought so," she said, smiling, "Just wait here for a minute, please," and she took the bag with my new panties and went into the employees room behind the cash register. I stood waiting nervously, wondering what was going on. I realized, that my **** was rock hard, I was tremendously stimulated. I had finally admitted to a woman that I wore panties! I was in a state of shock, but didn't feel threatened at all. This woman was very attractive, mature, and seemed to be turned on by my revelation.


In a few minutes she came back and handed me the bag. "Thank you for coming in, please come back again soon," she said, looking me right in the eye, still with the playful half-smile on her pretty face. Confused and in a state of high excitement, I smiled, said thanks, and beat a hasty retreat.

 I rushed home and opened the bag. There were the new panties I had selected along with another pair I hadn't selected. My heart beating wildly, I reached in and pulled out the loveliest pair of pink nylon briefs I had ever seen. They were a deep pink, the fabric very soft and silky, the elastic waistband sewn into the fabric. There were frilly lace triangles at the sides and narrow lace trim around the legs. I examined the label, they were from Wonder Maid and size 8, exactly the size I wore. I brought the panties to my nose and inhaled. There was the strong, unmistakable female smell on these panties and I suddenly realized that the saleslady had given me her own panties! With trembling hands, I ******** down and put on these wonderful undies and almost immediately exploded into them.

 I went back to the store the next day. The lingerie department was busier than the day before, but the same saleslady was there. She was helping a customer when she caught sight of me and she smiled at me. I immediately started to get hard and had to leave and go stare blankly at shirts in the men's department for a while. Then I went back and found my new friend available and waiting for me.

 "May I help you?" she asked sweetly, that same, maddening little smile on her face.

 "Thanks for the gift," I blurted out. She glanced down, saw the huge erection I now had and said, "Did you like them?" "I love them," I mumbled, staring at my shoes. "Why don't you come back at four," she said, "and we can go to my place and talk about what to do with naughty little boys who wear women's panties." She said this in a sweet, husky voice and, although I didn't think it possible, my **** got even bigger, so big and hard it was painful.

 I said OK and practically ran to the men's room where I went into an empty stall and ***********, shooting a huge wad into the beautiful panties I was wearing, then feeling ashamed and worried about how she would feel when she saw the mess I had made in her panties. But no matter what scenario I imagined, anger, joy, punishment, enthusiasm, it was terribly stimulating and erotic.

 I somehow passed the time until four and returned to the lingerie department. She glanced at me, smiled, and at precisely four, went in the back and returned with her purse and without a word took me by the hand and walked me out of the store to her car. Driving to her place, she told me her name, Marla, and I told her mine. We exchanged a few inconsequential sentences for the few minutes it took to drive to her house.

 She led me in the house and informed me that we were alone and asked if I would ***** and show her my panties. I was suddenly overcome with shyness and hesitated. My life's dream was coming true but I was too nervous to play my part. Sensing my feelings, Marla looked right in my eyes and began to undress. She unbuttoned her silky white blouse, removed it and dropped it on the floor, revealing the top part of a satiny white full slip with lace trim around the top. Still staring right in my eyes, the funny half smile in place, she unzipped her skirt, dropped it to the floor and stepped out of it. Very slowly, she reached down, crossing her arms and grabbing the sides of the slip she pulled it up over her head and tossed it aside.

 At this point, I was beside myself with excitement. It was a warm summer day and Marla was wearing no pantyhose (I found out later that she prefers garter belts and stockings, but that's another story). She stood before me, tall and beautiful wearing only silky red nylon briefs that said "Thursday" on one leg and a white lacy bra. She walked over to me and, with her face very close to mine she unbuckled my belt and pulled my trousers down, allowing them to fall around my ankles. She then unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off me and threw it aside. Then she took my hands and pulled me forward so that I stepped out of my trousers and stood before her wearing nothing but her own beautiful pink frilly lace trimmed panties.

 "It looks like you've been enjoying wearing my panties," she said, noticing the wet stains on the front. My **** was rock hard and tenting out the big panties which seemed to amuse her. She touched the tip of it, then stroked it once and that's all it took for me to have another tremendous ****** and shoot another load into my panties. It was such a strong ****** my knees were buckled and she had to grab me under the arm to prevent me from falling.

 "You're a very naughty little boy for making such a mess in Mommy's panties," she whispered into my ear. "I'm going to have to punish you now." And she slowly pulled me over to a chair, sat and pulled me face down over her lap and started to spank my panty-covered bottom. I was so emotionally charged at that point, I came again almost immediately after the spanking started and then I couldn't help myself and I began to cry. All the while Marla was spanking me, she was admonishing me for being a sissy and making a mess in her panties.

 After a short while, she stopped spanking me and slid her fingers under the panties and pulled them down to my ankles, exposing my bare ***. She spanked my bare butt a few more times, then reached down and stroked my rock-hard **** a few times and, you guessed it, I came again. At that point I slipped off her lap and crumpled to the floor.

 When I looked up, Marla had her eyes closed and was stroking herself through her panties. In a few seconds, she too had an ******. It took a few minutes for us both to recover, then we both adjourned to her bedroom and had a wonderful evening having wild sex in our panties.

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I love to shop for pantys, I allways make sure that the sales lady know they are for me, its a rush, I allways ask for help , I let her know what kind I like an let her know good they feel. vf nylon briefs, most of the time they are very nice make me feel very comftable. never had a response like you got but maybe some day

That is so hot, I have bought panties at lots of stores over the years. The best I experienced was a wink at the cash register. Wanting to confess, I did not. Red faced I'd leave with my treasured purchase and return home to enjoy the pure heart thumping joy of new panty, panty, panties.

What a hot clerk. We all need one like her

I was buying some panties one year at holidays and the young saleslady told me as I was leaving to enjoy my panties but I thought that she was going to say have a happy holiday and I said I sure will,thank's. When I realized what she had said I could not turn around to look at her.

I love this story. A dream come true!

I went to Macys today for lunch and bought my first pair of panties (Vanity Fair) the chaser was so helpful. if you haven't done this go for it.

I love your story. That would be for me the ultimate dream come true. To go buy more of that highly pleasuring product & have some hot cashier, give me what she was wearing & take me back to her place to **** me would be so ******* amazing. You are a lucky son of a *****. I raise my glass of beer to you.

Real story or not, it was really hot! I'm not usually into fem-dom stuff, but this situation was one I could live with! Hell, I'd just like to be able to c*m that many times in one day...again!!

I do enjoy stories like this. The dominant mother in law who forces the son in law to buy panties at a lingerie store and humiliates him in front of the women customers is also a hot storyline.

Satin Hi-Cut briefs love them.

Thank you for clarifying it. Would you enjoy it if it comes true for you. I am sure, you would. Now tell me what kinda panties do you like? I am Bonnie.

This was not my (real life) story it's from<br />
posted back in 6/3/2006 it just one of my favorites

Nice real life story, I enjoyed reading it. I like that you too like classic full cut nylon brief. If men enjoy wearing panties this is the style cut they should wear. It keeps your package nice, secure and together plus I like pantie covered butt. More power to you. Like to know more about you and her.

Great story, I have also been a little shy about buying panties. Maybe I need to be a little bolder and just ask for help and I will lucky as well. Enjoy!!!