Love Them

Silk panties are the best. The most luxurious material is SILK, how could you want any other?  They aren't the least expensive, but the best things are worth the price and, and aren't you worth it?  I am I love silk the felling, the way it moves with you it wicks moisture away better. It just feels better against your skin, and is sexier than anything else. 


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51-55, M
2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

wearing some of the most comfortable feminine panties at this moment.Pure pink silk with a lace waistband , so much better and light around my penis. My normal mens pants just feel prohibitive and rough. most men would enjoy lingerie if they could shed all this macho bollocks and women would be more accepting.

Haven't been able to find silk panties in the stores I've looked in. Nylon and Satin will just have to do for now.....