Sexy Panties

Nothing feels better than putting on a pair of silky sexy panties and rubbing ***** with some one the same

jackysatin jackysatin
18 Responses Mar 10, 2010

i love wearing silky panties so much i want to make friends in uk to share this with

love wearin girls panties<br />
the silk are best i like biknis an thongs also like boyshorts

Perhaps you should all jion th "I like to frot". Go on, look it up.


I would LOVE to rub ***** with you!

My husband cannot in his C belt have an ******. He cannot *** in a CB He just dribbles *** naturally and has to clean himself to remove the male smell. Of course he must also use a nice lavender anti persperant and perfume.he does enjoy being teased. its his only pleasure he gets while wearing his CB

i like the tight laced corset part joanna but please i have to *** at least once a day, does he enjoy being teased like that?

I would soon stop you playing with yourself. My husband has to wear a chastity bely. Under his panties He cannot play with himself or have sex. It even hurts him when or if ? He gets an erection. Of course he also has to sit down to go to the toilet. He must use toilet paper when he pees. He must shower 3 times a day to keep him self clean So he does not get chaffed by his CB. Despite all He loves wearing the CB He gets really frustrated,He can only have sex IF I want to take him. Maybe once every 3 weeks or so ?? He also must always wear a tight lace corset Every day

So true! Up there with the horniest things in the world - big hard satin-clad ***** rubbing against each other, panties getting wet with precum until both pairs are filled with lovely sticky ***

wow that is so hot....

I love doing that too, where are you from?<br />
Maybe we could get a group together!

Very sexy nylonslip. Panties feel even better with a silken se3xy slip

I am wearing my silkiest nylon panties and ready to join in.

Tammy welcome the more the merrier ***** IN PANTIES is the best

that would be so nice lets do it a ********* would be good to

Lets do a ********* and keep those ***** hard

mmmm you sexy devil, i love doing this too

I know what you mean. I would love to do this with you.